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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blessing Home Isan is NOW OPEN..... and urgent prayer requests

Praise the Lord!  Blessing Home Isan is now open.  The buildings of the original project are complete (we will soon build one extra classroom building which will also serve as a worship center for the church).  And TMM missionaries Carol Fare and Vicki Brown are now living and serving there at Blessing Home Isan.
Thank you for your prayers and your generous support which have made it all possible.   Now there will be a way for teens to continue their education to graduate from high school and receive special training and education enhancement so they can have a good future, rather than being sent to Pattaya to serve in the brothels.

Carol Fare, Prau, Frame, and Vicki help on an evangelism outreach in Ta Phraya near the border of Cambodia.

God is good!

We would like to introduce you to Prau and her son Frame.  Prau is a member of Life Center UMC in Pattaya (the church that sponsors Blessing Home Ground Zero).  Prau is now serving with TMM as a translator and assistant for Carol and Vicki.  Prau and her son Frame have now moved up to Blessing Home Isan and live and serve there.  Prau is a great blessing to Carol and Vicki and is truly a great asset to the ministry there.

Now for an urgent prayer request.  We have a five year old boy at Blessing Home, who we will call "A" (for his safety and that of the staff, we must not use his name or post his picture) who needs your prayers.  A's mother was a sex worker who abandoned him and a senior woman who is NOT related to A (very dangerous to have a guardian that is not closely related) now takes care of him.

A received care at the Blessing Home nursery until he turned five, and then he moved up to our school program, where he received a scholarship to go to school and also received monitoring and extra help.  But A's grandmother sells goods on Walking Street, which is the heart of the sex trafficking district.  And because she sells there, she works all night long and places A in the care of others at night.  Every night, A stayed in random houses, and more times than not he was not sent to school.  So the public school dropped him from enrollment and barred him from school for one year.  If that wasn't bad enough, A's  weight has dropped from lack of proper nutrition.  Evidently the people who took care of him were not feeding him well.  Praise God for the staff of Blessing Home.  The monitoring that they do works well.  They intervened to bring A back to the Blessing Home nursery so he can receive safety and good nutrition.  But a more permanent solution is needed.  Pastor Banya is going through the legal process for Blessing Home to receive full custody of A so we can place him in a loving Christian home in Thailand.  But this will require the approval of his guardian and relatives.  Please pray that A's guardian and relatives will do the right thing.