United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Soles-4-Souls and an update on Blessing Home Isan

We are always deeply touched by the hearts of children who have received a burden on their hearts for other children in need.  Several months ago, we were contacted by Johnna, who is the mother of Rachel Bolin.  The Lord placed a burden on this six-year-old girl to start a campaign called Soles-4-Souls, to purchase shoes for children that could not afford them.  Rachel wanted to help raise funds to purchase school shoes for the children of Blessing Home.  Rachel’s Soles-4-Souls campaign included an elementary school and her church, Russell Springs UMC.  Just before Christmas, Rachel gave the Thailand Methodist Mission a check which would cover the cost of shoes for all 70 children receiving full scholarships to go to public school this year.  Thank you Rachel and Johnna!

Rachel Bolin of Soles-4-Souls

We are on the final stages of construction for Blessing Home Isan and TMM missionaries Carol Fare and Vicki Brown expect to move in on February 15, if all goes as planned.  We are in the midst of installing electricity, air conditioners, and making modifications to the plumbing in one of the buildings.  The Thai Christians chose very bright colors for the buildings, as you see in the pictures. 
The yellow building is the computer and English learning center.  The green building is the missionary house for Carol and Vicki.  The blue building is the kitchen and restrooms.  A fourth building will soon begin construction also.  The fourth building will be a large room that will be used as a worship center and for large events.

We are very, very excited.  God is good!

This yellow building with the cross is the Computer and English training center for Blessing Home Isan.

These beautiful wood windows really pop!

Vicki Brown inside the Computer and English training building.  We still must install electricity and air conditioners.

This green building is the new home for TMM missionaries Carol Fare and Vicki Brown.

This blue building contains restrooms on the back side, and the front side (the opposite side) is a kitchen.