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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, May 09, 2016

Blessing Home TaPhraya Scholarships and Ban Dan Church Construction

Praise God!  The first year of school scholarships have been awarded at Blessing Home Ta Phraya to 15 students who would not be able to go to school otherwise.

The village chief and Pastor Banya awarded the scholarships in a special celebration in the 105 degree heat.  The village chief is deeply touched by the compassion of Christians like you who lift up the most vulnerable who live in desperate poverty. Thank you for making it possible for these children to go to school!  These are children who will have good opportunities for the future and will not be destined to work in the brothels of Pattaya.

On the left is a Blessing Home TaPhraya child with her mother who suffers with AIDS, which is rampant because of the sex trade.  AIDS devastates communities here, leaving orphans behind in its wake.  This girl will now have a chance for a future her mother never had.


Now we have construction of two new church buildings happening at the same time.  You have seen pictures of the construction of Blessing Home TaPhraya already.  And there is a church building being constructed by the members of Ban Dan Church in Sukhothai province under the leadership of Pioneer Pastor Santi.

Pastor Santi worshiping at the Fire of Glory Church camp

 The Pioneer Pastors who are lay pastors like Pastor Santi are truly inspirational leaders.  They are faithful workers for the Lord.

Pastor Santi not only leads his congregation, but he also:

  • studies full time via Distance Learning at our Bible college, the Global Theological Institute,
  • farms rice full-time as well as making and selling food at two markets in his area so he can support his family and ministry,
  • and he and the members of Ban Dan Church are doing all of the construction of the new church building themselves too.
Thank you for your prayers and support which makes it possible for us to work alongside Pioneer Pastors like Pastor Santi.  You make this mission possible.