United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, March 11, 2013

New on Global Theological Institute and a first for Blessing Home

Global Theological Institute in Chiang Dao, Thailand

 We had a wonderful trip but exhausting trip to many of the ministries that God has given us the privilege to help to start.  One of these ministries is the Global Theological Institute (GTI) in the far north of Thailand in Chiang Dao.  It is a very humble place.  The building on the left is a convenience store/ internet cafe/ and copy shop which helps support the ministry.  On the right is the chapel and classroom.  Behind these buildings are a men's dormitory and a women's dormitory.

But even though it is humble, in the past 4 years, this ministry has produced 35 Bible college graduates who are now serving in ministries all over Thailand and in Laos too.  Two serve as Pioneering Pastors with the Thailand Methodist Mission.  This has been a very fruitful ministry and we are privileged to serve as visiting professors and TMM partners with GTI, helping with funds for economic development and other projects.

Drs. Tanapong and Muanreedee, directors of GTI, invited ambassadors and their families from many different nations to come as VIP guests to this past graduation ceremony, which was held at a nearby resort. The ambassadors and their wives came and have been generous givers to help remodel the chapel and the men's dormitory.

Look at the before and after pictures of the inside of the chapel.

BEFORE (bare unpainted concrete floors, it was like being in a barn, but we use whatever is available and affordable at the time)

AFTER - tile floors, nice ceiling and lighting, bright walls.  What a blessing!  A great transformation.
Also, one of the families that Blessing Home helps has really been a great blessing.  For the sake of their privacy, we will not post their pictures or names.  This family is a Thai mother and her daughter who used to live in another nation with her husband and son.  After a devastating car accident, which killed the husband and son, and leaving the Thai mother physically handicapped, they had to come back to Thailand.  Because the mother was unable to work, they moved next door to a mega-brothel that employs a few hundred workers.  The mother was able to give instructions to her 7 year old daughter, who helped to make food and deliver it to the workers inside the brothel.  We have seen desperate situations like this many times in Thailand and it usually ends up with the child becoming a worker in the brothel.  TMM stepped in to intervene to save this mother and child.

Through your help, this woman has undergone several operations and is now able to walk and can do light lifting.  She and her daughter received Jesus 2 years ago, and we have never seen two Thai believers who were so hungry to read God's Word.  Every day, both mother and daughter read the Bible and other Christian books, and they always have tons of questions to ask us.  God has called the mother into the ministry, and soon the mother will begin as a Bible student with TMM providing scholarship funds for her.
This is the first guardian of a Blessing Home child to go to Bible college.  Praise God!

30 new believers were baptized.
Both mother and daughter were recently baptized and we had the great privilege of participating in the baptism ceremony by giving words of testimony on their behalf.  Over 30 new believers were baptized.  God wanted to make sure everyone got wet, including the rest of the congregation.  The rain came down in a torrent.  We were all soaked.  But it was a joyous time.  Rain is a symbol of God's divine providence, and we believed it to be very appropriate for this occassion.  Through your faithfulness, God helped to save these  two and give them a new life in Jesus Christ and to overcome disabling injuries.  God is good and so are you!