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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Camp Ground VIM is a huge blessing to the Thailand Methodist Mission

We have had an exciting 10 days serving together with the mission team of 6 members from Camp Ground UMC of Bonnieville, KY.  Camp Ground UMC has supported Blessing Home faithfully for several years, and they worked hard to raise the funds to send this team.  All six were hard workers and also a great blessing to us and the Thai people. 

WOW!  Did this Campground team really accomplished a lot in a few days.

1.  They built a new large storage room on the third floor and built new shelves as well.

2.  They moved everything from our old 2nd floor storage room and old 3rd floor storage room into the new storage room.  This freed up the 2nd floor storage room to be used as a new classroom for the Blessing Home ministry.  They gave funds to install an AC unit in this new classroom.  We really needed the new classroom because we now have 71 children in the nursery (a total of 101 children are now served by Blessing Home).  We desperately needed an extra classroom to cope with the large increase of children being served here.  Now that the old storage room on the third floor is empty, it is available to serve as a room for Pioneer Pastors to stay when they come for training.  Now we have two rooms available for Pioneer Pastors rather than just one. 

3.  The team painted the cabinets on the second floor, the ones that the team from Petrie Memorial built.  The cabinets look fantastic.

4.  They bought the equipment (TV, Blueray, and computer) for a new teaching station on the second floor.  We are now able to use new resources for teaching both Thai and English to the children as well as Christian education.

5.  Our kitchen had some awful plumbing problems, which caused the sewers to back up and make a horrible mess.  Pastor Banya made a temporary fix, but unfortunately it did not meet code.  This team bought a new grease trap and pump system that allows our kitchen to function once again and meet code.

6.  Andrea and Kelly, two sisters who were members of the team and are both teachers, lectured at a special seminar at Burupha University (a workshop on connecting with students to develop critical thinking skills, and also a workshop on teaching special needs children with an emphasis on autism).  They were so well received that they received invitations to come back to teach at the University.  Kelly also led a workshop with some of the guardians of the Blessing Home children on nutrition.  We were very pleased at the questions that the guardians had.  Kelly really connected with them.

7.  The team also did repairs on the apartment of Khao Haum, a young girl with severe mental and physical disabilities.  The cramped ghetto apartment was unsafe for this young girl.  The stair railing was broken.  The safety rail on the balcony was broken (they must leave the balcony door open to get air circulation in the steaming hot city, so this was a dangerous situation).  Also the door did not have a proper handle or lock.  The team fixed up the apartment and made it much safer.  They also bought some of the jewelry that Khao Haum’s mother sells to make a living.  They greatly blessed this poor family.

8.  The team also helped missionaries Carol Fare and Vicki Brown to teach English to the older students at Blessing Home on Saturday morning, enhancing their education.

9.  They also brought and made many teaching aids for Carol and Vicki to design special learning stations for the children.  The children loved the blocks and other educational toys and manipulatives that they made and brought to Blessing Home.

10.  Last, but not least, they were a great encouragement to the Blessing Home Staff and the United Methodists here in Pattaya. 

Zack, the youngest member of the Camp Ground Mission Team, was a tireless worker for the Lord.

Thank you for everything, Camp Ground UMC.

If you are interested in coming next year to serve on a mission team in Thailand, see our TEAM THAILAND website at http://thailandmethodist.blogspot.com/