United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Prayers Needed for Pastor Santi

Hello Prayer Warriors.  Sherri and I rejoice in you because your prayers are the powerhouse of this mission.  And when we see great things happening in Thailand, we know it is because you faithfully lift us and the Thai Christians up in prayer.

One of the aspects of the Pioneer Pastor Program that we don’t talk about much is helping these pastors through family emergencies.  Pioneer pastors serve at great financial sacrifice to their family and many times they are planting churches that are 50 to 120 miles away from any other church, so they are isolated from other Christians who can help them during difficult times.  We do our best to provide help in every way for these servants of the Lord who work on the front lines of the Gospel of Christ.

Pastor Santi and his son.

Please pray for the father of Pastor Santi of the Grace Akha Church in Pattaya.  Pastor Santi contacted us about his father, who is diabetic and has horrible sores on his feet (he sent pictures to us, but they were too gruesome to share with you).  He needed $350 USD for an operation to save his father’s feet.  Because of the generosity of God’s people like you, we were able to send funds so Pastor Santi’s father could receive medical help.  And we know all healing comes from the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.  So please be lifting Pastor Santi’s father up in prayer, that the Lord will heal him.

 We would also like to give praise to the Lord for a wonderful time of itineration among some of the churches that support us in this mission as well as some churches we visited for the first time.  During the past few months, we have had over 300 new prayer warriors sign up to receive these email updates and to intercede before the Lord on our behalf.  God is Good!

We usually mention only prayer requests and praises in our emails, but once again we have had many people asking us about how to donate to the mission.  Since his been 4 months since we have included this information in our blog updates, we will put it out there once again for all who are led by the Lord to give.  Your giving provides the funds that feed and educate Blessing Home children and plant churches in unreached places in Thailand.  Your generosity trains new Christian leaders at Global Theological Institute and teaches financial skills to poor Isan Christians.

Checks can be mailed to:
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