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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, May 09, 2016

Blessing Home TaPhraya Scholarships and Ban Dan Church Construction

Praise God!  The first year of school scholarships have been awarded at Blessing Home Ta Phraya to 15 students who would not be able to go to school otherwise.

The village chief and Pastor Banya awarded the scholarships in a special celebration in the 105 degree heat.  The village chief is deeply touched by the compassion of Christians like you who lift up the most vulnerable who live in desperate poverty. Thank you for making it possible for these children to go to school!  These are children who will have good opportunities for the future and will not be destined to work in the brothels of Pattaya.

On the left is a Blessing Home TaPhraya child with her mother who suffers with AIDS, which is rampant because of the sex trade.  AIDS devastates communities here, leaving orphans behind in its wake.  This girl will now have a chance for a future her mother never had.


Now we have construction of two new church buildings happening at the same time.  You have seen pictures of the construction of Blessing Home TaPhraya already.  And there is a church building being constructed by the members of Ban Dan Church in Sukhothai province under the leadership of Pioneer Pastor Santi.

Pastor Santi worshiping at the Fire of Glory Church camp

 The Pioneer Pastors who are lay pastors like Pastor Santi are truly inspirational leaders.  They are faithful workers for the Lord.

Pastor Santi not only leads his congregation, but he also:

  • studies full time via Distance Learning at our Bible college, the Global Theological Institute,
  • farms rice full-time as well as making and selling food at two markets in his area so he can support his family and ministry,
  • and he and the members of Ban Dan Church are doing all of the construction of the new church building themselves too.
Thank you for your prayers and support which makes it possible for us to work alongside Pioneer Pastors like Pastor Santi.  You make this mission possible.

Friday, April 29, 2016

VIM Team filling up.... and some praise in pictures

The Thailand VIM team for September 29 - October 10, 2016 is filling up fast, so if you want to be a part of this team, please apply soon.   Follow this link to get information if you are interested in serving on this UMVIM team >>> http://www.buechelchurch.org/umvim.  

We are honored to serve together with Thai Christian who lead the church outreach ministries in the churches connected with the Blessing Home centers.  At each location, there are big-hearted Thai Christians who go out and pick up some of the Blessing Home kids and bring them to church on Sunday.  Below are pictures from Blessing Home Isan and Blessing Home Ta Phraya.  The Blessing Home centers are always a part of a church because the local church is where disciple making takes place.

Elder Taungjon picks up the children at Blessing Home Isan every Sunday

Elder Det picks up the children at Blessing Home TaPhraya every Sunday

God is Good Church of Ban Bueng had a HUGE 3rd year anniversary celebration and they invited many of the churches in the region to come celebrate with a banquet and worship.  Over 450 people attended the event, and many churches participated in worship, bringing their worship music teams, as well as drama and dance teams to lift up God's name on high.

Here is a video of the Isan Dance Team from Life Center UMC (the church at Blessing Home is Pattaya)


Here is the latest picture of the construction at Ta Phraya.  The members have been working in the broiling heat of over 100 degrees to build the new Blessing Home TaPhraya Center.

We are excited about having the VIM team come to provide English Camp at this center in October.

God is Good!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bright Future Savings Groups and Construction of Blessing Home Ta Phraya

We can always tell that our prayer warriors are lifting this mission before the throne of God because we see the effects here in Thailand.

Sherri presents the Bright Future Savings Group program at Blessing Home.

Sherri is piloting a new ministry emphasis called "Bright Future Savings Groups" using a program developed by the Chalmers Center.  Bright Future groups teach financial and business knowledge and skills while the groups saves money together cooperatively.  The program has been proven to be very effective in many nations and we hope to use it here in Thailand to help bring large numbers of Thai Christians out of poverty and debt and onto more solid financial ground.    The pilot programs have begun at Blessing Home Ground Zero in Pattaya and Blessing Home Isan in Nonsomboon.

A very pleasant surprise happened in the Bright Future Savings Group at Blessing Home Isan.  Many of the adults brought their children and grandchildren to become members of the group so they could learn about finances and develop a "muscle" for saving money.  When the children came to the group, we thought they were just accompanying the adults, but then the children signed up and brought forth their money for saving.... and we were thrilled.  We are very proud of both groups.

Children and teens at Blessing Home Isan joined the Bright Future Savings Group! 

We will do the pilot program for 15 weeks and then these groups will continue to operate.  We will be making any adaptations needed to the program and will then begin to bring this to many other churches.  Our hope is to have many Thai trainers that can bring this to the churches throughout Thailand.

 We are pleased to report that construction has commenced on the new Blessing Home Ta Phraya Center.  It should be complete in four months time.  Many Thai Christians from Life Center UMC in Pattaya are coming up to work side by side with the members of Ta Phraya church to build this center.  And they are working in brutal heat.... everyday has been above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the last week or so.  The deep commitment of the Thai Christians is inspiring.

All of the digging was done by hand!

Pastor Banya and members of Life Center UMC form the rebar for the columns.

Pouring concrete, one bucket at a time!

 Thank you prayer warriors!  You are the powerhouse of the mission!