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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Transitions at Blessing Home TaPhraya

Sherri and I are having a wonderful time itinerating among some of our supporting churches and re-uniting with friends and family. We have packed our calendars, and will be traveling many miles during the next 5 weeks, so prayers for traveling mercies are appreciated.

1.  We want to announce that Joshua and Jessica Johnston have been called by the Lord to return to the States to serve at Fairview Baptist Church in Apex, North Carolina.  Joshua is serving as Pastor for Family Discipleship, a position which perfectly suits his passion, gifts, and calling.  Our heart-felt prayers and words of blessing surround them as they go to serve where they are called by God.

The Joshua and Jessica served well at Blessing Home TaPhraya, discipling and training new Pioneer Pastors Det and Dao to serve at their church and to become the new directors of this Blessing Home center.  It is the goal of every TMM missionary to train Thai Christian leaders to do the ministries that they are doing.  We work ourselves out of a job at one location so we can expand to new areas. 

2.  Please pray for Pastors Det and Dao and their daughter Noke, who are now the Directors of the Blessing Home TaPhraya Center.  They are spinning a lot of plates right now.  They have businesses to run to be self-sufficient.  They are both in their final semester of studies at Global Theological Institute, earning their Bachelor of Ministry degrees (This month is their final month of study).  And they lead a new Pioneer Pastor Church and run the Blessing Home Center.  Please lift them in prayer as that the Lord will guide them and strengthen them as they have made many transitions.

Noke teaches Catechism to the young students at Blessing Home TaPhraya

Pastor Dao teaches Bible to the teens at Blessing Home TaPhraya

3.  Please continue to pray for Elder Rang, one of three lay pastors who lead the House of Immanuel Church in Buriram province (his wife Mooey is also one of the three lay pastors there).  Elder Rang has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer and will going to the hospital for treatment five days per week for the next 6 months.  He is in pain and has difficulty breathing right now.  Please pray each day for Elder Rang and his wife Elder Mooey. 

Elder Rang at the hospital

4.  House of Immanuel Church also needs your prayers, as they are now down to one lay pastor, Elder Na, who works as a farmer, takes care of a disabled elderly parent, leads the youth ministry at church and is also the worship leader.  Now she will need to be the preacher every Sunday for the next for the next six months.  Elder Na needs your prayers.  We will be working on some solutions to bring much needed help on Sunday mornings to this church in the meantime. 

5.  PRAISE: Pastor Somchai's back is healed and he is back to work again.  We praise the Lord for answering our prayers for quick healing.  God is good!

And finally

6.  Many of you have expressed interest in participating in the KY VIM Team to Thailand in October.  Here is the link to the webpage:

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

God came through "BIG TIME" and some serious prayer requests

Sherri and I are back in the States for itineration through the beginning of April and it is wonderful to be home in Kentucky.

1.  You all have been praying for TMM Missionaries Carol Fare and Vicki Brown who are Directors of Special Blessings Korat, a ministry for special needs children (check out their website at  The Special Blessings Korat building was up on the auction block after the owner of the building defaulted on the mortgage.  It is a fantastic building that God provided to Carol and Vicki for this ministry, and they have sunk a lot of time and money into this place.  So they put their names in to be bidders in the auction.  God answered your prayers "BIG TIME"!  There were no competitors for the auction (other than the bank being its own bidder), and they purchased the building for a fraction of its true value.  This is HUGE because it makes their ministry to be secure and permanent at this location.  Now please pray as they seek to buy the empty plots of land on each side of this building for parking.

2.  Construction on the new church building for Fire of Glory Church is going very well.  We expect construction to be complete by April, Lord willing.  Pastors Somsri and Warin send their thanks and love to all of you who made this possible through your prayers and generosity.

3.  Prayers are needed for 2 Thai pastors.

Please pray for Elder Rang of House of Immanuel Church in Buriram.  When we saw him last month at Christmas, he did not look his usual vibrant self, but never complained of being sick.  Then this past week, they asked for prayers as he entered the hospital for tests.  We just received the diagnosis that he has cancer in his abdomen (we don't know much more than that).  TMM is helping with some emergency funds for his medical bills at this time.  

Elder Rang of House of Immanuel Church in Buriram Province

Also pray for Pastor Somchai of Promise Church in Phanat Nakhom.  Somchai was doing some heavy lifting during a construction project at the Garden of Eden Retreat Center when he hurt his back (herniated disk).  He has a difficult time moving and is in a lot of pain.  Prayers are needed.

Pastor Somchai of Promise Church
4.  Finally, many of you have expressed interest in participating in the KY VIM Team to Thailand in October.  Here is the link to the webpage:

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

We wish you a Blessed New Year!

Sherri and I wish you a Blessed New Year.  May the Lord fill you with the joy of His salvation! 

We are blessed to have prayer warriors like you who lift up all of us serving in Thailand to the throne of God.  And when you pray, great things happen in Thailand.  You are the power plant of this mission!

We want to take time to celebrate with you all that the Lord did through your prayers in 2018:
  • ·         Over 250 new Thai believers were baptized this year into a new life in Jesus Christ.  The vast majority are first generation Christians, coming out of Buddhism and Islam to receive eternal and abundant life that the Lord graciously gives to all who receive His son Jesus;

  •       3 new Pioneer Pastor churches were planted in unreached counties in Thailand.  One church is in Eastern Thailand at Nong Prue county.  This church plant has been a very long time in the making, and it was on God’s timing.  The other 2 church plants are in Southern Thailand in Sawi and Phato counties, where  a high percentage of the population are Muslim.  All of the church plants are thriving, praise the Lord;

  • ·         Over 190 children were served at the three Blessing Home Centers.  These children are thriving in school rather than being enslaved in the brothels and opium dens of Pattaya;  3 of the Blessing Home college students have graduated this year and now have great jobs and bright futures in Jesus Christ.  Their lives and the lives of their entire family clan have taken a new upwards direction.

  • ·         Special needs children are receiving needed services, and teachers and university students are being trained through the ministry of Special Blessings Korat;

  • ·         The Abundant Life Savings Group program continues to expand into more churches.  Members of the groups are learning family budgeting and business skills;  These families are experiencing victory over debt and are better able to control their finances;  We have seen many families move out of deep poverty, being able to save money into an emergency fund for the first time.

  • ·         Land was purchased and construction of the new church building for Fire of Glory Church in Nonthaburi province is well under way.  Construction is set to be complete by April 2019, Lord willing;  This will be a great victory because they are overcrowded at this time and need room to continue to grow;

  • ·         Another Pioneer Pastor Church, Pradumri Nakhon Pathom Church, purchased land and is also constructing a new church building.  This church is terribly overcrowded.  Over half of the congregation sits outside during the worship service.  They really need the new building.
  • ·         Another Pioneer Pastor Church, God is Good Church, is expanding to build a Sunday School building to relieve overcrowding;
  • ·         TMM welcomed 2 new missionaries serving long-term in Pattaya.  David and Allie Houle arrived in August and are now in immersion Thai language study for their first year.  What a great blessing they are to the ministry here!

God has blessed us and the people of Thailand!  To God be the glory for He is worthy!