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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Prayers and Praises for April 2017

WARNING: For the safety of the staff and children at Blessing Home, please do not post this article online.  Feel free to print the article and post on a church bulletin board or in Sunday School.

The month of April begins summer break for Thai schoolchildren, and it is a time when Pastor Banya selects the children who will come into the Blessing Home ministry.  This is a difficult time of triage, where those who are in the greatest need are selected.  Please pray for God's wisdom for Pastor Banya as he makes difficult choices, since there are always many more children in need than what we can accommodate with limited resources. He needs your prayers because this triage process is heart-wrenching.

A very high percentage of the children who are received each year are like Emily who is in the picture below.  Emily and many of the Blessing Home kids are children of sex workers.  And if it were not for the ministry of Blessing Home, these children would be destined to be enslaved in brothels.


Please pray for Emily and the Blessing Home children that they will thrive in school and remain in school through high school graduation.  Children that stay in school through high school graduation are rarely trafficked.

Now for some PRAISES!

There are now 8 Young Adults receiving college scholarships through Blessing Home this year, and we just had our second college graduate.

Flame graduated with his A.S. degree in Electronics

Flame, the youngest son of a former Blessing Home worker, graduated with his A.S. degree in Electronics.  We are very proud of Flame, who worked diligently to complete his course of study.  There are many great jobs available in Thailand for college graduates and his future looks bright.

Also, we give praise for the fruitful ministry of Pastor Santi of the Overflowing Blessings Church in Sukhothai.  Pastor Santi is a bi-vocational laypastor (he farms for a living and serves as a Pioneer Pastor as his ministry) who planted the first and only church in his county.  His church has had to move twice because they have outgrown facilities.

Pastor Santi plays guitar with a member of his Praise Team.

Pastor Santi baptizing a new believer.

Please pray for Pastor Santi as he sacrifices his time for college studies at Global Theological Institute (GTI), our Bible college in Thailand.  He is working on his studies for a Bachelor of Ministry degree, but it has been very difficult to juggle all of his responsibilities.  He is a full-time farmer, part-time pastor (pastors are never really part-time), and studies part-time at GTI while being a good Christian husband and father.  The construction of the new church building delayed his studies by a year, but now he is getting back on track.  Please pray for him because this is a difficult and requires perseverance.  It will encourage Pastor Santi to know he has many hundreds of prayer warriors who have his back.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

An Opportunity to Serve on a Short Term Mission Team

We would like to announce the next opportunity for serving on a Short Term Mission Team with the Thailand Methodist Mission.


WHEN: February 23, 2018 - March 5, 2018

COST: $1,500 (includes $500 non-refundable deposit).  FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST.  You will need to reserve your own flights.  Be sure to read about flight details on this website.

  • You will visit Blessing Home Ground Zero in Pattaya.  Meet some of the children that you help to save and protect from sex and drug traffickers.
  • You will learn how you can make a difference in stopping trafficking in Southeast Asia.
  • You will visit Pioneer Pastor Churches and go to the homes of people in the community who need prayer for healing or other needs.   
  • You will go on fun cultural tours, and may even ride an elephant.
For more all of the information you need to apply for this team, 
please click on this link to the >> TEAM THAILAND 2018 website

Friday, March 31, 2017

How God Called Us to Serve As Missionaries - Part 2

Normally Sherri and I do not talk about ourselves and our experiences on this prayer blog.  We would rather focus on what the Lord is doing in the mission through the Thai Christians so you can pray for specific prayer requests and give praise to God for answers to those prayers.  But we have been asked many times to tell our story about how God called us to serve as missionaries in Thailand, so we will continue to tell the story where we left off.

Our call to serve as missionaries came in two phases.
First, God called us to serve as missionaries in the 10/40 Window (if you did not read the first article about our call, here is the link,  >> http://msmorrissey.blogspot.com/2017/02/how-god-called-us-to-serve-as.html

In this article, we will tell you how God called us to focus our service in Thailand.

In 2004, when we filled out our application to serve as missionaries, we were open to serving anywhere in the 10/40 Window (if you do not know what this window is, please click on the above link and read the first article) we could safely serve with our youngest son, who was 13 year old at that time.  On our application, we said we would serve either in Northern Africa for relief work (at that time the greatest need for relief work was in that region) OR we would love to serve in Southeast Asia for church planting.  For us, it was important to be open to serve where we were needed the most rather than having a personal preference.  We wanted to serve where God chose, and to be open to wherever God would send us.

About a year and a half after submitting our application to be Methodist missionaries, we were called in for an interview in New York City.  The interview was a blind one, meaning that we would not be told what position OR what country that the mission agency would send us to if we were chosen.  We had a friend that told us that there were eleven nations that the agency needed missionaries, but Thailand was NOT one of them because they did not yet have any churches in Thailand.

We went in for the interview and were placed at one end of a long table, with many people around the table asking questions of us.  When the chair of the interview committee said, "I see from your application that you wish to be deployed to Africa", Sherri corrected him and said, "Yes, but we also said we would love to serve in Southeast Asia to plant churches."  Sherri's answer elicited odd reactions around the table, including the chairperson.  (We later learned that we were being interviewed to serve in the Cameroon in Africa).  Sherri and I were a bit unsettled because of the odd reactions and we could not read whether it was good or bad.

Later, one of the committee members asked us this question, "If we deployed you to a nation that did not like Americans, how would you respond?"  Sherri looked over at me with a look that said I should answer this one.  As I was formulating my answer, I wanted to give an example, but did not want to steer my answer towards any of the eleven nations that our friend mentioned.  So to be on the safe side, I chose the one nation that I knew we were NOT being interviewed for because this agency had no missionaries and no churches and no ministries yet in that country.  I said, "Imagine if you sent us to THAILAND....."  As soon as I said "Thailand", a few of the committee members jerked their heads and dropped their pens on the table.  This was a visibly strong reaction, and I thought it was a bad reaction.  I thought for sure that I messed things up and now wished Sherri had answered this question instead of me.

Soon after I answered that question, the interview concluded and we were told that we had the rest of the day to ourselves.  We had nothing to do, so we decided to go for a long walk in Manhattan.  And as we walked we kept seeing signs in windows and on the sidewalks:  Visit Thailand, Beautiful Thailand, Unseen Thailand, Thailand the Land of Smiles, Amazing Thailand.  We must have seen over 100 signs during our 6 hour walk through Manhattan.  Evidently there was a Thailand tourism campaign happening.

Sherri looked over at me and said, "God is sending us to Thailand."  She said this with confidence.  I have always been the one with the slower learning curve, so I said to her, "You know we will not be sent to Thailand, there are no UM churches or ministries there."  Sherri looked at me and said, "Mark my words, God is sending us to Thailand."

The next day, one of the committee members, a medical doctor, told us in confidence that the committee decided to send us to Thailand to be the first UM missionaries to plant the first UM churches there.  Sherri was gracious enough not to say, "I told you so!"

In 2006, were were commissioned and send to Thailand and it became very evident that this was where God was calling us to lifetime service.

Below is a picture of us at our commissioning service, 11 years ago.  We love serving as missionaries in Thailand.  When you serve where God has called you to serve and doing the ministry God has called you to do, that is where you find peace, joy, and meaning.