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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The goal has been reached! Thank you, Jesus!

All of the prayer warriors prayed that when we arrived back in Thailand we would have all of the funds on hand needed for the Fire of Glory Church land and building. We are pleased to let you know that we are back in Thailand now and ALL of the funds have been donated and received! Thank you, Jesus!  Hallelujah!

All of the land has been purchased and the land was filled by over 6 feet of dirt.  Retainer walls and security walls are now being built (about 70% complete now).  Next, a building will be designed and blueprints made to be approved by the provincial government office (interesting, in Thailand they call them greenprints not blueprints).  Then after all of the building permits have been issued, we will begin construction. 

Please pray for us because our next 4 weeks involve long stretches of hard travel.  We will be preaching, teaching, and training in Southern Thailand over these next four weeks and it is a long distance from where we live.  But it is essential because this is a highly unreached area of Thailand.

Your prayers are the engine room of the ship called Thailand Methodist Mission.  Please keep the powerful prayers coming our way.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Almost There! Just two bricks away from completion!

We are so very close.   So close!

Sherri and I have been praying that we will have the full $150,000 needed to complete construction of the Fire of Glory Church building when we head back to Thailand on July 5.  It was just a month ago that we had only $98,000.  And now we need only $2,000 more to be complete with this project.  Praise God!  Below are two pictures of the construction happening at Fire of Glory Church in Nonthaburi.

Pipes burst at our home in Thailand

Two weeks ago we were contacted by our landlord in Thailand.  She said our water pump has been very loud and working continuously for 2 full days and the neighbors were concerned.  It was a Sunday evening when she contacted us.  We immediately contacted our staff and told them to please go and check.  It took them awhile to get there because they were working about an hour's drive away.  When they arrived they found that a pipe burst in our downstairs bathroom (Praise God it was not upstairs!).  The water flowed from the bathroom through our office and then to the kitchen and then out the door.  We will have to replace quite a bit of furniture in the office and kitchen now.  But it could have been a lot worse.

The Abundant Life Savings Group Program lifts up families out of poverty and debt.

May Kuntisa is Sherri's assistant serving in the Abundant Life Savings Group Program.  She not only translates curriculum and materials but is being trained by Sherri so that she will lead this program in the future (our goal is to always train Thai leaders to do the ministries). 

May and her husband Boy have been faithfully doing the program, saving her money to build up an Emergency Fund equal to 3 months of income as well as paying down debts.  Back in March, May stood up in the morning worship service at her home church, Life Center UMC of Pattaya, and celebrated that they were able to meet the goal of having a fully funded Emergency Fund.  This was a great encouragement and inspiration to the others in the group and helped others to become motivated.

Two weeks ago, May stood up at her church again, this time to celebrate their debts are paid and they finally paid off the last credit card.  Part of the celebration that we do in these groups is cancelling the credit card account and then coming to church on Sunday morning to cut the credit cards up in front of the church.  Sherri receives pictures of people cutting up their credit cards at church and we were delighted to see May doing this.  Below are some pictures.  May said the Abundant Life Savings Group at Life Center UMC was very happy for their success and that the members of the group are seeing progress in their lives as they move towards Financial Peace that comes from doing finances God's way.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Need for Safety... A BH Isan Student graduates at university... and an update on the Building Fund

A PRAYER CONCERN: Safety for our missionaries

2 years ago, the missionary house at Blessing Home Isan had two break-ins when everyone was out of the house.  And Carol and Vicki upgraded the security on the house to make it more difficult to see into the house and to break into it.  We suspected that it was one of the former students at Blessing Home Isan who dropped out of school and was now in with a bad crowd who were breaking and entering many homes in the town.  The increased security seemed to do the trick and we had no more problems with break-ins.  That is up until last month, when an unsuccessful break-in was attempted while the house was occupied.  Shelby Gillespie, TMM missionary and Director of Blessing Home Isan, was safe (God answers prayer!  God is Good!) but a bit shook up over it all, as anyone would be.  We were very happy with how the Thai Christians sprang into action when Shelby called for help.  The pastor, who lives next door to Shelby, immediately came and did a security sweep of the grounds when he was contacted. 

Security has been improved with extra lights and equipment at the missionary house, however we do request your prayers for safety.

A PRAISE FOR ANSWERED PRAYER: Bo, a Blessing Home Isan student, graduates with a degree B.S. degree in Nursing.

We are very proud of Bo, who overcame great difficulties and challenges to finish the race towards completion of her Bachelor's degree.  Speical thanks to all who gave to the Kentucky United Methodist Missions Night Offering at the 2014 Annual Conference.  This is the fourth Blessing Home student to graduate from the generous offering given by Kentucky United Methodists. 

AN UPDATE: Raising Funds for the New Church Building in Nonthaburi

As you know, we are in the States for a few months to speak at churches and to raise funds for a new church building for Fire of Glory Church in Nonthaburi.  They are over-crowded and cannot afford to build the church without some help.

We have committed to raising $150,000 for purchase of land, raising the land above flood level, and building a church facility.  So far over $98,000 has been raised!  We hope to raise the remaining $52,000 soon.  We appreciate the generosity and kindness of God's people in helping with this project.

Of course, every time we give an update on the progress of the Building Fund, we include my (Mike) lame graphic (yes, I will keep my day job and NOT try to go into graphic design, hehehe).

If you would like to give to help Fire of Glory Church construct a much needed building, please be sure to designate your gift to the Building Fund.

You can send a check to TMM by mail to:
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