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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life at Blessing Home

Some of the children at Blessing Home who needed some extra help from Teacher Pui.
Years ago, Sherri worked at a shelter for homeless teens, and it was very frequent that one client would come in with lice and if not caught very early would soon spread to many people.  We remember all of the hard work, to wash clothes and blankets, as well as the special shampoos and using the fine-tooth comb to get all of the eggs out of everyone's hair.

So we empathize with Pui and the staff of Blessing Home whenever one of the children come in and has lice.  Usually if one has it, many do.  And Pui has to treat their hair and make sure the families of the children have special shampoo and make the effort to rid themselves and their house of lice.  We cannot just send the children home, this must be done at Blessing Home.

This type of problem is just one of the common things that happen that the staff must deal with.  Pui and the staff and volunteers never complain, but lovingly and patiently serve.  It is an honor to serve with such wonderful people.

Pui with one of our new children, Jenn
Last week, Blessing Home received a new child named Jenn.  Jenn is a 6 year old child who was abandoned by her parents (we have no idea who her parents are, actually).  A kind-hearted couple now take care of Jenn, and she is now attending Blessing Home and receiving services through this ministry.  Jenn  is challenged with autism, so Jenn, the staff, and the other children, are all learning and adapting together.
At first, Jenn was constantly agitated because there are many children all crowded together at Blessing Home.  Jenn likes quiet spaces and limited stimuli, so the first few days were tough.  The staff have been very patient, and finding ways to give the best care possible to Jenn.

Jenn is developmentally challenged.  She can talk, but most of the time, she "parrots" whatever anyone says to her.  So if you ask Jenn, "Are you hungry?", she will smile at you and say "Are you hungry?'.  Pui says that Jenn has made great strides in adapting, and so have the staff and other children.

We thank everyone who helps to support Blessing Home.  Abandoning children with physical and mental challenges is very common, and ones like Jenn need the ministry of Blessing Home.  Thank you for your compassion.

Blessing Home is a ministry of the Thailand Methodist Mission
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