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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Your prayers have saved the life of little Naet!

Naet and Teacher Pui

Naet’s father has signed papers releasing parental rights to Miss Pui, who is the director of Blessing Home.  This Monday, Naet will move in to Pui’s home and will experience safety at home for the first time in her life. 
This has been a long process and it is Thai Christians like Pui who are the heroes.  Pui is making a great sacrifice to give safety and care to Naet, and we are very grateful.  It is a great privilege to work together with ones like Pui.

The whole process would not be possible without the help of a member of Life Center UMC in Pattaya named Miss Sutjai.  Sutjai is a professional social worker who serves with a Christian agency in Bangkok, and she has also sacrificed to provide free social work services to make this happen.  She has devoted many days, traveling long distances, to get everything set up so Pui could receive guardianship of Naet.  Without the sacrifice and knowledge of Sutjai, it would not be possible.   Sutjai is now working on obtaining a birth certificate for Naet, which will allow her to enroll in school and later on to receive a National Citizen ID card (needed for everyday living and also to legally work in Thailand).  Please continue to pray for Naet, that Sutjai will be successful in obtaining this birth certificate, which is vital for Naet’s future. 
Finally, there are our heroes back in the States, the prayer warriors who answered the call for prayer and even have sent emails asking about Naet.  We were very encouraged by the overwhelming response of prayer by God’s faithful servants.  We needed God’s intervention, and your prayers made the difference.  Thank you!

On another note: When Blessing Home ministry started with 10 pre-school age children 3 years ago, we knew that the year would come that we would start sending many of these children to school and would need to provide school uniforms, book fees, and transportation for these children.  Now is the first year that we have a large group of children going to school.  On the 17th of this month, Blessing Home will have a special day of registering our oldest children in school and providing for their educational needs.  By faith, the board of the Thailand Methodist Mission has increased the budget for Blessing Home so that this service could be provided.  But we must do this to keep these children safe and provide a future for them.