United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naet has her birth certificate and is now enrolled in school

Naet doing homework at Blessing Home
God has made the process very straight and Naet now has her birth certificate and is now enrolled in school.  Teacher Pui took Naet to buy her school books, uniforms, shoes, socks, and other supplies she needs for school.  Now that Naet has a birth certificate, when she is grown up, she will be able to get a National ID card so she can legally work.  We are all breathing easier now that Naet is safe at Teacher Pui's home and has all of her documents in order.

We shiver at the thought of what would have happened to Naet had it not been for the ministry of Teacher Pui and Blessing Home.  Naet's countenance has changed greatly too.  She is very, very happy and energetic.  We already see a big difference in her.  Praise the Lord!

On another note, this year we will begin to raise funds for purchasing a building for Blessing Home.  At the present time, we rent a building, and it uses up a very large portion of our monthly funds.  If we owned our own building, we would be able to use the funds we now use for rent to provide more services for more children.  There are a multitude of orphans and street children who are in danger in the same way Naet was.  If we had a building, we could reach more children so they don't continue to fall through the gaping cracks.  We have already had one very generous donation towards the building, and we will need many more.  We need to raise over $140,000 to purchase a building that meets the needs of the present ministry.  And we know in faith that God will provide.  If you would like to give to the Thailand Methodist Mission to help purchase a building, please visit our website at thailandmethodist.org, where you can get an address to send a check OR give online.

Soon, we will have new brochures posted on our website at thailandmethodist.org.  We will keep you posted on when those brochures are available for download.