United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Important Announcement Concerning Blessing Home

Little Naet of Blessing Home
It is official now.  Blessing Home is now an official ministry of the Thailand Methodist Mission (TMM).  The Board of Directors of TMM voted on Monday to receive responsibility for the Blessing Home ministry to orphans and street children.  We are very grateful for their affirmative vote, because the children of Blessing Home needed an organization to step up to the plate to help them.

Blessing Home started as a ministry of GBGM, and our poster child, Naet, was also once the poster child for GBGM’s Annual Report to their Board of Directors just two years ago.  But since then, GBGM has experienced financial problems and it was decided that they could no longer support this ministry. 

The Thailand Methodist Mission stepped in on an emergency basis in September 2010, to begin providing support for Blessing Home, and we put out the call for the need for immediate donations because we did not have the funds on hand to “dive and catch the ball”.  YOU, God’s people, responded with compassion and generosity, and we helped to save Blessing Home from closing, which would be tragic for the children here who are at great risk of the child sex trade and the illegal drug trade as well. 

The Thailand Methodist Mission offered to take responsibility for GBGM, and GBGM has agreed to hand over responsibility in the month of November, 2010.  This still required a vote from the Board of TMM to receive responsibility and place Blessing Home in the General Fund budget.  There was unanimous agreement on the Board of TMM to do this.

We need your prayers as there is much work to do.  We must now register Blessing Home as a Social Work Agency within Thailand.  It is necessary for Blessing Home to receive this certification because without it, we will not be able to own property, and we move towards owning our own building rather than paying rent.  But first, the registration as a Social Work Agency must take place.  To do this next step, will require hiring a lawyer and security deposit.  We need about $12,000 to do this next step.  Again, without this step, Blessing Home and TMM cannot own property in Thailand and we will be forced to rent a building, which at this time makes up about 39% of expenses for Blessing Home.

If you or your church feel led by the Lord to help us with this, it would be wonderful.  The faster we can receive funds for the security deposit and legal fees, the sooner we can raise funds for purchasing a building.  This will be wonderful, because it will free up funds for providing services to the children.  Please pray about this matter and do as the Lord leads you to do.  

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God Bless You,
Mike and Sherri