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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas at Blessing Home

It was a wonderful Christmas outreach at the Blessing Home this past Friday.  A very large contingent of members from Life Center UMC in Pattaya helped to put it on, and without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible.  Missions is about Christians across the world working together for the Kingdom of God, and together we can do ministry that would be impossible without this connection.  We praise God for Christians who care for the orphans and street children on both sides of our planet, East and West.  Thank you.

At the Blessing Home Christmas Outreach, the place was packed, beyond packed…. If there was a space, people were standing there.  So crowded that when the children would come out to sing or dance, we would bring them out in small groups because all could not come at the same time.

The crowd was filled with the family and guardians and all who are connected with the orphans and street children who receive care at the Blessing Home.  Pastor Banya gave a beautiful message that explained to these Thai people about the true meaning of Christmas, since most had no idea that Christmas was a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is odd, there are Christmas trees decorated beautifully all over Thailand, but hardly anyone knows why Christmas is celebrated, that is it all about the birth of Jesus our Savior.  Pastor Banya’s message was very much needed.  He then presented the gospel of Christ in a clear and compelling way, because we know everyone needs Jesus.

The children shared the gospel in song and liturgical dance and they were very charming, as you see from the pictures.  Most of the children were from Blessing Home and some were from Life Center UMC. 
We thank all who prayed for this special evangelistic event, because it is only with the power of God that lives are changed, and we want all of the children and the adults and family members connected with them to know the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and be changed by His power.

One of the great joys of Christmas is to be able to go buy Christmas presents for the children at Blessing Home.  And we thank you for your generosity, so that we could purchase gifts for every child.  We had funds to spend about $4 per child, and we were able to get some toys, and teddy bears, and snacks for each child. The children were very happy, but we know we received much more joy purchasing and preparing the Christmas gifts.  We had an absolute blast.  Thank you for making it possible.

Sherri and I will be spending Christmas visiting the UMC pastors who live in this region (within a two hour drive of here).  We will also have little Igo with us, who is nine years old.  Igo (pronounced ‘eye-go’) lost her Japanese father and her brother in a car accident two years ago in Japan.  Her mother, Ning (who is Thai), and her had to move back to Thailand and were destitute.  Ning studies English in a class with others with Mike twice per week.  Igo comes to our home often, and has adopted us as her uncle and aunt.  Igo will be with us for Christmas, and we are blessed to have her with us.  She is bright and fun and it is good to have a child around the house at Christmas.

We really miss our family during Christmas and we know they miss us.  Please pray for us and other missionaries, because this can be a tough time to be far away.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
Yours in Christ,
Mike and Sherri

The Christmas tree at our home in Chonburi surrounded by Gift Bags for the children of Blessing Home

The entrance to Blessing Home.  To get into the Christmas Outreach, you had to wade through a sea of shoes.