United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, March 09, 2009

Thai VIM (Volunteer in Mission) Team renovates Almighty God UMC in Northeast Thailand

Last week, Pastor Jerron and 4 parishioners from Bowin UMC in Thailand,  formed a VIM (Volunteer in Mission) Team to prepare Almighty God UMC in Hoknoi for the grand opening service next month (we had the soft opening back in November).  There was a lot of work to do, carpentry, painting, electrical, glazing, and decorating.  None of the volunteers on this team were professional carpenters, painters, electricians, glaziers, or interior decorators.  But God used them in a mighty way to do a great job of getting the building ready, but also of showing the Thai Christians in Hoknoi that we love them and we are family together.  

One team member said, "Before I came up here, I was a truck mechanic, but now I learned that God made me to be a carpenter too."  Another team member chimed in, "Yes, and I never knew I was a painter!"  God provided the team with all of the gifts they needed to serve and meet the need.  Pastor Nampon of Almighty God UMC in Hoknoi said, "When I look upon the VIM team, I believing I am looking at God's angels."  Pastor Nampon and her church members were blessed by the outpouring of love by the Bowin VIM team.  

  The team went back to their home church and told of how God blessed them tremendously as they sought to be a blessing to their fellow believers in Hoknoi.  Now Bowin UMC members are excited about their next VIM trip to Hoknoi to help with the day of the Grand Opening Service.

This reminds us that God has given every church and every ministry all of the Spiritual gifts and abilities that are needed to meet the needs in your area.  We just must be courageous in using the gifts God has given us, and He will make us to be a blessing to other and will bless us as well.

It is a blessing to see the Thai Christians serving each other so graciously.  They have seen the loving example of VIM teams from the United States that have blessed them, and now they seek to be a blessing.