United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Secret to Joy

We have long preached that the most joyful people we know are those who seek to bless others the most.  They focus their energy into being a blessing to others, rather than seeking to be blessed by others.  The profound thing about this is that self-focused people are rarely happy, even though their own happiness is their primary concern.  And those that bless others the most in turn receive much more from the Lord than they give to others.

Our prayer is that we can be a tremendous blessing to others, winning the Thai people to Jesus Christ, making disciples, training strong leaders, and building vibrant churches and ministries.  God has blessed the Thailand Mission.  There are now 5 churches and a ministry that serves 35 orphans and street children in Pattaya.  There is a total of over 737 people who have professed their faith in the Lord Jesus and have become baptized members of the United Methodist Church.  We are very blessed as we visit these churches and see the many people who have come to Jesus Christ and now their lives are changed.

Several weeks ago, we worshipped at the Thai service at Life Center UMC (the Chinese service is in the afternoon).  Every week a member of the church gives their testimony.  This week 2 women gave their testimonies of how they had come to Pattaya to earn money, one by being a food vendor on the street and the other was a sex worker.  Both of them had hit bottom.  The food vendor had many problems and was out of business and homeless.  The other woman had lost all hope as troubles piled upon her.  And then Thai Christians witnessed to them about Jesus Christ, and through the loving outreach of the church, they gave their lives to Jesus Christ.  And now the Lord has changed their lives.  They live victoriously in Jesus, who has turned their lives around.  Everyone wept with joy as they gave praise to the Lord for all He has done for them.

We were very blessed by their testimonies and by the passionate worship at Life Center UMC and the biblical message that Pastor Banya gave.  We were filled with joy knowing that lives are being changed and the church is growing in numbers and spiritual maturity.  We are humbled, knowing that this is because of the faithful prayers and support of our brothers and sisters in the United States and the faithful service and effective leadership of the Thai Christians.

Thank you very much.  You are a blessing to us and the Thai people.