United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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Send a check in the mail to: TMM P.O. Box 56 Mannsville, KY 42758 (Please make checks payable to TMM) Or give online by clicking this link: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/thametmis/

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Friday, October 06, 2006

How To Support the Mission in Thailand

We appreciate your interest in supporting the mission work in Thailand.

Individuals or churches can contribute to particular projects (see the WISH LIST), or to provide 'missionary support.' Either can be done by sending a check to your UMC Conference office treasurer. For example, if you are in Kentucky, mail to:
KY Conference UMC
7400 Floydsburg Road
Crestwood KY 40014
On the check, in the 'memo' section, write an "Advance Number" which will help administrators get the funds to the correct account. Here are the Advance Numbers:
For Missionary Support --
(Mike) Advance # 15122Z
(Sherri) Advance # 15123Z
For Project Support --
(Thailand) Advance # 00403A

*If a project is chosen, please send a note via email to let us know which project is being supported.

Here are the details concerning what is involved if your church chooses to become a "Covenant Church."

  • Covenant Churches make a 3 year covenant with a missionary, to provide financial & prayer support. (The Covenant is not binding to the church -- in case a financial crunch emerges; the Covenant is meant to provide a framework for mission concern & relationship).
  • The financial commitment = Once a year for each of the three years, the church provides support in the amount of 5 dollars per member. (If it is a large church, the suggested "cap" is at $2000 dollars).
  • Any size church can become a Covenant Partner Church.
  • The prayer commitment = to pray regularly for the missionary & for the mission work in the area being served.

As part of the Covenant Relationship, the missionary will:

  • Keep in contact with the church (quarterly letters), sharing about the work, and what God is doing;
  • Commit to praying for the stateside local congregation (and needs as these are shared);
  • Make visiting the Covenant Churches "priority visits" during the itineration time which happens every three years.

If a church decides to become a Covenant Partner Church, The church needs to send in a Covenant Partner form which is found online at:

http://new.gbgm-umc.org/about/us/mp/missionarysupport/ .

This helps to differentiate between churches that are 'supporters' but not necessarily entering into the Covenant Partnership with a missionary.

Funds are still sent to the Conference Treasurer (with the missionary's Advance Number listed). The Conf. treasurer then forwards these funds to the General Board of Global Ministries in New York. Because not all missionary settings 'cost the same' to support, funds sent in the name of a particular missionary are pooled together with other missionary support dollars, enabling missionaries to be sent throughout the world.

It is always helpful to directly contact your missionary if a gift is being sent to missions. Generally, GBGM accounting is done in a timely manner. Direct communication lets the missionary know what to anticipate, or to know what is going on stateside; it is also encouraging to know when God is moving in the hearts of His people.