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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Sunday, October 29, 2017

October, a joyful month of baptizing new believers!

October is the beginning of winter in Thailand (cold temperature days here are in the mid 70's) and it is the month that schools are closed for winter break.  Because schools are out on break, it is also a time when Thai churches have baptism services.  Since most Thai churches don't have baptisteries, they must usually take a day off to travel to a body of clean water that is deep enough for baptisms.

Baptisms at the God is Good Church Retreat on the third week of October.
Pastors Somsri and Warin of Fire of Glory Church asked if new believers from their church could come to our house for lunch and then go to the ocean near our house for a Baptism service.  We were absolutely delighted for the opportunity to provide hospitality and witness the joy on the faces of new believers as they received public Christian baptism to let everyone know of what the Lord Jesus has done for them.

Pastors Somsri and Warin and new believers from Fire of Glory Church
 about to be baptized.

Pastors Somsri and Warin not only are effective pastors of a thriving church, but they also serve as staff with us on the Pioneer Pastor Program, planting churches in unreached places in Thailand.  They have helped others in planting three churches in counties that never had a Christian church before.  And their own church has outgrown the crowded small facility they use as a church building.  They have been saving up for 2 years to buy land and build a building, but at the rate they are going it will take over 20 years to reach the goal.  And right now they cannot grow more without a larger building.

So we have asked everyone who supports the Thailand Methodist Mission and all of the supporting churches, Sunday School classes, UMW, UMM, and other groups if they would give special offerings this Christmas to help buy land and construct a church building for Fire of Glory Church.  We need $150,000 and as you see from the chart, we have received more gifts since the last time we reported progress.

If you would like to give to help Fire of Glory Church construct a much needed building, please be sure to designate your gift to the Building Fund.

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