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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Pioneer Pastor couple facing difficult spiritual batttle needs your prayers

This is one of those times that we know we are blessed to have prayer warriors like you who we can entrust prayer requests to knowing that many hundreds of God's faithful are lifting up the request before the Lord's throne in prayer.

Pioneer Pastors face much opposition, but few have faced the spiritual warfare that Pastor Peak and Nam endure.  Pastor Peak graduated this year from the Global Theological Institute, the Bible college that is sponsored by the Thailand Methodist Mission.  Peak earned his Master of Ministry degree through Distance Learning and pioneered the Church of Grace in the Fai Kwang County of Phayao Province.  Church of Grace is the first Christian church ever planted in this county, so Peak and Nam are expanding the borders of the Kingdom of God, bringing the gospel into new territory at great sacrifice to themselves.  They have given everything to plant this church.

A few months ago, a church in Bangkok came up to encourage Peak and Nam and pray with them.  The team of Christians from Bangkok did a Prayer Walk, beginning their prayers at Church of Grace and walking and praying throughout the village and making a circuit back to the church.  This caught the attention of the Buddhist villagers and the abbot of the Buddhist temple.  Two days after the Prayer Team from Bangkok went home, the monks from the local Buddhist temple and many villagers arrived at the front of the church, beating their drums and chanting.  Many villagers hurled hateful insults and threats at Peak and Nam.  Then the monks beat their drums and chanted prayers and walked on the same path that the Christian Prayer Team did 2 days earlier, trying to undo the effect of their prayers.  Since that time there has been tension with some of the locals.

Sherri, Nam, Pastor Peak, and Mike at Church of Grace in Fai Kwang.

We will be working with Pastor Peak and Nam to develop some ministries that will be valued by the local residents to build up community relations so they know that as Christians, we come to build people up and to do good.

Please pray for Peak and Nam that they may will persevere and not be discouraged.  Please pray for the new Christians at Church of Grace that they will overcome opposition to become strong disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pray that God will make their ministry fruitful and will surround them with many faithful encouragers and supporters.  Your prayers move mountains.