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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Pioneer Pastor Program in Action

We know you are praying for the Pioneer Pastor Program, because God has produced a bountiful harvest recently.

TMM's Pioneer Pastor Program (PPP) sponsors the Global Theological Institute, which trains Thai Christians who are called by God into ministry to serve as pastors and ministry leaders in churches.
At this year’s graduation ceremony on March 25th, twenty four students graduated with Master of Ministry degrees, Bachelor of Ministry degrees, and three diplomas in Biblical Studies.  These graduates are serving in churches across Thailand and some are pioneering churches in unreached counties in Thailand.

2015 Graduation Ceremony at Global Theological Institute

Global Theological Institute Graduates Pastors Somsri and her daughter Win

We would like to introduce you to a graduate from this class as well as one current student.  Somsri is from Khlong Khwang county in Nonthaburi, an unreached county with no church of any type.  The Lord led Somsri to study the Bible at Global Theological Institute (GTI) through Distance Learning six years ago.  Somsri earned her Bachelor of Ministry degree at our first graduating class in 2013 and went on to graduate with a Master of Ministry degree this year.

Halfway through her B.Min. studies, the Lord led Somsri to start a cell group in her home and this cell group rapidly grew to become the Fire of Glory Church, and now they have recently purchased land for building their own facility.

As is typical of new churches, one new church plants another new church.
Pastor Somsri has been involved in planting a church in Sukhothai province with a current student at GTI named Santi, who was moving back to his home county which is Ban Dan County in the Lan Hoi district.  There was no Christian church in Ban Dan County and Santi was called by the Lord to plant a church in his hometown.  Santi is a currently studying at GTI through correspondence courses and is well on his way to earning a B.Min. degree.

Pastor Santi inviting the children to come up front to sing.

Ban Dan Church

 Pastor Somsri and the members of Fire of Glory Church in Nonthaburi nurtured Santi, helping him to plant a cell group at this location and nurturing the new Christians there through frequent visits to encourage and train them.  Last month (March 2015), Pastor Santi moved to this location to become the pastor there and open this church.

Pastor Santi supports his family and ministry by growing taro on his family farm, so the church is self-sufficient.   We will be providing Christian education resources and training this year to Ban Dan Church so they can start a Sunday School and send teams to do Bible Clubs in the more distant neighborhoods.

Please pray for Pastor Santi and the members of Ban Dan Church that the Lord will bring a great harvest to their ministry.

On the next blog update, we will tell you about a second Pioneer Pastor church plant from another of our recent graduates from Global Theological Institute.