United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Friday, September 06, 2013

Pray for two outstanding Pioneer Pastors

We would like to introduce you to a Pioneer Pastor couple, Rungroj and Somchit, who planted a new church in an unreached sub-district in Tak Fa, in the central region of Thailand.  They are a courageous, persevering, and hard-working couple who gave up comfort in order to reach the lost for Christ in this region that has four unreached sub-districts… meaning that there are no Christian churches there.  They are pioneering new territory for Jesus Christ, and it is difficult work.

Pioneer Pastors are modern day circuit riders.  They ride scooters and mini-motorcycles, rather than horses.

TMM helped provide funding and coaching for an agricultural project.  They hand dug a well (back-breaking work in the tropical heat)and installed an irrigation system.  They grow and sell Jerusalem artichokes (a new product for Thailand… meaning they can create a new market and not compete with others), as well as raise chickens.  In the future, they will build a fish farm.  They run the farm and go to the markets three nights per week in different places to sell their produce.  While they work full-time, they are also serving at their church as well as planting new cell groups in neighboring sub-districts.  Now there are three sub-districts that were unreached before that now have a church and three cell groups.  Two of those groups are growing well, and we expect their ministry to be a two-church circuit soon.

Pastors Rungroj and Somchit grow Jerusalem artichokes and other produce to sell at the fresh markets.

Because they serve in a region with many unreached sub-districts (counties), they must travel far.  They go to the cell groups on this mini-motorcycle (they call it a “motorcy”).  In past times, circuit riders would go from place to place riding their horse to start cell groups.  Here in Thailand, the pastors go around on scooters and mini-motorcycles.

Please pray for Rungroj and Somchit, that their farm will be productive and that they will be successful in selling their produce, so their family can do the ministry.

Also pray that the Lord will give them strength to persevere and that they will have good health.
Both Pastors Rungroj and Somchit are seminary graduates.  One thing we found very encouraging was that two lay leaders from churches in an adjacent region attend one of their cell groups.  These lay leaders have never had the opportunity to study at a Bible college or seminary.  Rungroj and Somchit are providing training for them to help them be lay pastors at their churches.

It is a great honor to work together with Pastors Rungroj and Somchit.  They are “salt and light”.