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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Some emotional weeks at Blessing Home

Over the past several weeks, Pastor Banya has been working hard at Blessing Home typing all of the information on the children into the new database.  The new database system will help us to provide better monitoring of the children that we serve.  Vicki and Carol will be using the new database as they begin home visits of the children. 

It has taken several weeks to get this new database up and running, with many meetings with Pastor Banya to review the case of each child.  To be frank, it has been some of the most emotional, heart-wrenching ministry we have done.  Sherri and I have wept from the bottom of our soles many times as we have heard the stories of every child and recorded the information.  It is just impossible to see the lives of these children without being deeply touched.

We have 65 children at Blessing Home and will soon have 10 more, because the new school year begins.  Of the 65 children that we served last year, 3 of them are children of staff.  So there was a total of 62 children being protected and saved from traffickers.

These 62 children, without the ministry of Blessing Home, would almost all be trafficked in the child sex or drug trades, by the age of 10.  Here are some of the reasons why.

All 62 children come from homes with oppressive poverty.  The average household income was $125 per month.  Pattaya is an expensive city.  It costs about as much to live here as it does in the States.  Can you imagine trying to live on $125 per month?  All of the children are at great risk of being trafficked at a young age because the guardian cannot afford to send them to school.  And children who cannot go to school are always trafficked here.  Always.  

But most of these children have many strikes against them.  They live in great danger, and that is why close monitoring is needed.

Of the 62 children who are served through the comprehensive anti-trafficking ministry of Blessing Home:
  • ·         17 children were abandoned or orphaned by their parents;
  • ·         13 have guardians who are sex workers;
  • ·         18 have guardians who are addicts;
  • ·         17 have guardians who sell drugs;
  • ·         3 have guardians who are mentally or physically disabled;
  • ·         8 have guardians who are over 60 years old (life expectancy is much shorter here in the urban jungle of Pattaya – many of these children will lose their guardian and be out on the streets);
  • ·         4 children suffer serious chronic malnutrition issues;
  • ·         7 children have severe learning problems;
  • ·         12 children have chronic health problems;
  • ·         6 children are mentally or physically disabled; and
  • ·         20 children live in Opium dens (dangerous centers for selling drugs).

84% of the children at Blessing Home have multiple strikes against them. 

Over the next few months, we will tell some of the stories of the children at Blessing Home so you can pray for them.  We are very grateful for your prayers.  

Blessing Home and all of the ministries of the Thailand Methodist Mission, depend upon the faithful generosity of people like you.  Without your gifts, these children would not receive education and food, medical care and monitoring, Christian love and mercy.  During the summer, donations tend to slump, but the monthly needs of the ministry remain.

If the Lord leads you to give, you can send your gift by mail or online.

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