United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wesley International School

This past week, we travelled up to Korat, which is the second largest city in Thailand.  Korat is the gateway to Northeast Thailand (also known as Esarn), which is the most unreached region of Thailand.  Very few missionaries work in the Esarn region.  One of the reasons for this neglect is that there are no Christian international schools for the children of missionaries.  If the Esarn region is to be reached for Jesus Christ, a Christian international school is needed.

We are privileged to work cooperatively with Rev. John Kim, a Korean Methodist missionary who, together with his wife Sarah, have served in Thailand over 10 years now.  Several years ago, the Lord bestowed upon John and Sarah Kim a vision for opening a Christian international school in Korat, called Wesley International School (WIS).  John and Sarah believe that WIS will be a beacon of the Gospel Light to the families of the children that will attend the school.  We also know that this school will open the door for many missionary families to serve in the Esarn region, so that this region will no longer be unreached for Jesus.
Rev. John Kim, founder of Wesley International School

We are helping John and Sarah recruit teachers from America, because international schools need teachers who have English as their mother language.  In January, we helped John and Sarah recruit a dynamic young couple to work at Wesley International School starting last April.  Their names are Ken and Denise Case, and they have two adorable young sons, Bryce and Benjamin.  Denise is a certified teacher who will soon complete her Masters in Education degree and Ken is a college student studying Business and Finance.  Denise has served from the very beginning, and is doing a great job creating the educational structures needed at the school.  Denise is one of the most systematic and organized people we know, so her abilities match the challenges she has as an initiator of a new ministry.  Ken is an enthusiastic witness and Christian worker.  Together, they are a great team.
Ken and Denise Case, missionary teachers at Wesley International School in Korat, Thailand

This year, John and Sarah Kim went to the government offices to register their international school, but some of the laws changed since when they first started the process.  The school building they now use is on a small plot of land, and they need a half-acre in order to register.  John and Sarah own 13 acres of land outside the city, but it is not yet ready and there was not enough time to build.  So this year, they had to register as a daycare, so that they can build a new building on their large plot of land outside the city.  Once they have their building, they will be able to register as an international school.  Their plans are to be ready to register next year, and begin by August 2012 with grades K-2.  Then each year they will add a grade or two.

Future site of Wesley International School

John and Sarah Kim have asked us to help recruit Christian teachers.  For information, contact Rev. John Kim at kery89@hotmail.com OR on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/wisedu