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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best's mother, Sureepon, needs your prayers

We are always grateful for your faithful prayers which give the ministry power. We thank everyone for your prayers on behalf of the children of Blessing Home, a ministry which protects children from those who would enslave them in the child sex trafficking and drug trade. Blessing Home is a school for preschool children who are at great risk, providing education and care for over 50 children. Blessing Home is a mercy station, providing food, clothing, medical care, and social services for these orphans and street children.

Blessing Home is also a family ministry, because we serve not only the children, but also the families that care for these children at night. Our goal is to keep the children with those who care for them, if possible. So to help the families care for the children, Pastor Banya and the staff of Blessing Home provide parental and guardian training to the adults who care for the children. We also help the families when they are in crisis.

One Thai who needs prayer is Sureepon Aretit, the mother of Best. Best is one of the children featured in the Blessing Home video .
Best and his mother Sureepon Aretit

When Sureepon was pregnant with Best, her boyfriend shot her in the head. Although both her and her baby inside her womb survived, Sureepon is now both physically and mentally disabled. The bullet ravaged one hemisphere of her brain and shattered her skull. Sureepon does not have use of her left hand or arm. She has since suffered many other health issues as a result of this violent act.

Best lives with his mother Sureepon and his grandmother, who now must support the three of them by cleaning homes, even though she is now a senior and should be retired.
Sureepon needs brain surgery, to remove part of her brain tissue which is now dead, and to have a new plastic skull cap placed under her scalp. Sureepon’s life depends upon having this surgery. The ministry of Blessing Home is paying the expenses for Sureepon’s surgery, because we minister not just to the children but to the families that care for them as well.

Please pray for Sureepon, that the surgery will be successful and that the Lord provide healing for her.

On a different note, we know many of you are very connected with Naet and continue to pray for her. Here is a picture of Naet’s first day at school.
Naet's first day at school

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