United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thailand UMC Camp 2010

This past weekend was an exciting time for United Methodists in Thailand.
It was the first camp that Thai United Methodists from all churches in Thailand attended.  Many traveled for 15 hours or more to get to camp.  There have been camps each previous year, but not one that was nationwide.

It was a great pleasure to spend time with United Methodist believers from every church.  Truly an encouraging experience for me (Mike) as I was able to see how these believers have become strong Spirit-filled leaders.  It is always a spirit-booster to be able to see the fruit of the ministry.  All the glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, who changes peoples lives.  Praise the Lord!

I do not know the number that attended camp this year and do not want to venture a guess.  I will have to ask later, but it was by far the biggest camp ever.

Thai Christians are filled with the joy of the Lord and it shows in their worship, in their fellowship, and in their everyday lives.  There were many fun skits and shows and games.  The worship was celebrative.  The fellowship was sweet.

There were around 20 people baptized at this year's camp, and you see the pictures of the baptismal candidates praying with Dr. Somsak, who performed the baptisms.

At Thailand UMC Camp 2010, we had the privilege of meeting Rev. Cherlue Vang and Mrs. Mang Thao Vang, who are the new GBGM missionaries.  Rev. Cherlue Vang is the new National Director for GBGM in Thailand, the position which we held when we were with GBGM.  We rejoice in their arrival and for the opportunity to work together cooperatively with them.  God will bless their ministry.  You can visit their blog at http://www.gbgm-thailand.blogspot.com/