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United Methodist Missionaries serving in Thailand

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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teachers Needed For Wesley International School

One thing that I love about being Methodist is that we work together as many Methodist groups from many countries. As Methodists, we seek cooperative ministry together, because this glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the last few years, we have had the privilege of developing close relationships with Rev. John and Sarah Kim, who have served as missionaries in Thailand with the Korean Methodist Church (KMC) for the last 10 years.

John and Sarah have received a God-sized vision from the Lord. They have been called to start a new Christian internation school in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima), which is the 2nd largest city in Thailand and the gateway to the Northeast Region of Thailand, which is called Esarn. Most of Esarn is unreached for Jesus Christ because there are few missionaries here. Most missionaries go to Bangkok or Chiang Mai, because there are Christian international schools for their children. At the present time, Esarn has no Christian international school, so there are not many missionaries going there. John and Sarah know that if a new Christian international school is started in Korat, which is the lead city of Esarn, then soon there will be many missionaries that will choose to serve in this unreached expanse of Thailand. If we are to reach all of Thailand for Jesus Christ, we must be able to have missionaries serve in these unreached areas. We also need to reach Thai people from the upper class, who are the leaders in this region. Many will want to send their children to this new international school.

John and Sarah have great faith, and they have taken many faith steps to start this new school, called Wesley International Kindergarten, in Korat, Thailand. They will begin with nursery and kindergarten, and then expand by one grade each year through high school.

John Kim has asked Mike to serve on the Board of Directors of the new school, and he was honored to accept. We seek to help John and Sarah recruit good Christian teachers for this new ministry. Teachers who choose to serve here will be making a difference in the whole Esarn region.

Below is a letter from John Kim. Please feel free to contact him at:
E-mail: kery89@hotmail.com

We are looking for Christian teachers for
Wesley International Kindergarten in Korat, Thailand

Dear beloved sisters and brothers in Christ,
My name is Kim, Kyomook (Rev. John Kim). I am a missionary in Thailand by Korean Methodist Church. I have been working on education ministry in Thailand since 1999. I have also been preparing to open an international school in Thailand from the day God gave me a vision in 2006. Now I have a land prepared for the school (5 acres) in Korat. Step by step, we will open from kindergarten to high school.

1. How many teachers do we need? 2 female teachers who have experience in nursery or kindergarten / We are planning to open elementary school within two years.

2. When? : Because we will open the kindergarten in the first week of November, teachers should be here by early October.

3. Where? Korat, Thailand. About Korat more detail things see attached introduction file.
See more detail about Korat : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nakhon_Ratchasima

Korat is second largest city after Bangkok in Thailand. The city has enough cultural and social facilities (general hospital and department store) for foreigners.

4. Basically, we need mission volunteers, but Wesley Kindergarten will provide housing and salary. (650 USD/month with 1year contract, can be renew also)
It would be better for you to prepare health insurance from your home country so that you can use it in Thailand as tourist insurance.

The kindergarten is located in a village called The Central Park.
If you want to know furthermore things contact to Rev. Kim
E-mail: kery89@hotmail.com
CP. +6681-985-7165