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We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission

We serve with the Thailand Methodist Mission
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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A wonderful month for Pioneer Pastors

We want to share with you some great news and thank you for your faithful service as prayer warriors.  We hope you are encouraged by the good news and it will spur you on to continue praying for this mission.

5 year anniversary celebration of Grace Church 

5 years ago, we worked with Pastor Peak and his wife Nam to plant a new church in Fai Kwang county, an unreached sub-district in Phayao Province..  This church is about a 14 hour drive north of where we live.

Phayao Province
Pastor Peak is a retired medic who served in the Thai Royal Army and is also a graduate of our Bible college, Global Theological Institute.  When Pastor Peak and Teacher Nam began to plant this church and visit families in the area, they experienced much resistance from the Buddhist monks from a nearby temple.  When a Thai mission team came from Bangkok to do a prayer walk through the community, the Buddhist monks followed up the next day doing a prayer walk of their own, following the same path the Christians took the day before.  (Here is a link to the blog post from 5 years ago >

Pastor Peak and Teacher Nam humbly persevered and served by bringing the Good News of Jesus to the students at the vocational school across the street from them, and they also led a program to train Christian pastors in Laos who were unable to go to Bible college because of their restrictive governement.  Pastor Peak has trained scores of Laotian pastors in courses such as Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Christian Doctrine, and other basic courses.

Teacher Nam and Pastor Peak at the
5 Year Anniversary Celebration
When we received a call inviting us to the 5 year anniversary celebration of Grace Church, we rejoiced and were excited to participate in this event on August 3.

While at the celebration, we met two missionaries who serve at a training center in Phayao province and have been serving as missionaries in Thailand for 30 years now.  They have been encouragers for Pastor Peak and Teacher Nam.  Mike and Naomi talked about the huge "deserts" of unreached areas in Thailand, and wished most missionaries would spread out over the country to help serve these unreached areas.  They were an encouragement to us to meet missionaries with the same vision as God has given to us, to bring the gospel to unreached places in Thailand and plant churches in places where there are none in the county.

We praise the Lord, He has blessed the Pioneer Pastor Program, and now there have been 38 churches planted in counties that never had a church before.  God is good!

That 38th church was just planted last week in Buriram Province at Lahan Sai with Pastor Nampon and her husband Joy.   This church is a 5 hour drive northeast of us in the Isan region.

Pastor Nampon is a veteran Pioneer Pastor.  12 years ago, she planted the Almighty God Church in Nonsomboon, where Blessing Home Isan is now located.

Now she and her family moved out to Lahan Sai, and unreached county, 4 months ago.  Pastor Nampon and Joy are Christian foster parents of Maria (formerly called Naet), who is one of our Blessing Home children who was saved from being trafficked.  Maria has been in their care since she was 5 years old, and she is now 12 years old and in 7th grade.   Most of our foster parents of Blessing Home children are Pioneer Pastors.

Below are picture of Maria when she began with Blessing Home at 2 years old and a picture of her now.  Please pray for Maria, because she is struggling with math at school.  We have hired a tutor for her to study in the afternoon three days per week to help her with her math skills.

Maria (Naet) at two years of age

Maria today at 12 years of age

It amazes us that God is now using this Blessing Home child to be a helper to her parents as they plant a new church.  Maria loves the Lord and she invites all of her friends to come to church.

Every Pioneer Pastor Church is self-sufficient.  We help to provide Bible college education, training, and equipment, but we do not provide salaries for the pastors.  Self-sufficient churches are permanent churches because they do not depend upon outside support to survive.  Pastor Nampon's husband, Joy, will be supporting the family and ministry by selling BBQ Pork sticks and sticky rice.  Your donations helped to purchase a cart, so Joy can sell his BBQ and sticky rice in several locations (morning time at the school, afternoons at two different markets).

The Pioneer Pastor Program also purchased tables, chairs, a pulpit, curtains for the walls to dampen the sound, musical instruments, a sound system, and a sign.

Pastor Somsri, who serves as our Thai Coaching Pastor, will be bringing Thai mission teams from Fire of Glory Church for evangelism events during this next year and will do visits every 6 weeks.

Joy, Pastor Namporn, Pastor Somsri, and Pastor Warin

First service at Lahan Sai Church
On August 11, Lahan Sai church had their first worship service.  Please pray for this new Pioneer Pastor Church, that many people in Lahan Sai will receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord and will grow to be strong disciples of Christ at Lahan Sai Church.

It was especially meaningful to us that this church was planted on August 11, because it is our 35th anniversary.  I (Mike) belong to the "Married Up" club.  I am married to the most Christ-like woman that I have ever met, and I am blessed WAY BEYOND what I deserve.  And we are blessed to be called by God to serve together in Thailand.  God is good!

Sunday, June 09, 2019

A HUGE Praise!

James 5:16b  
The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Sherri and I are blessed by your prayers, because they do have great power and produce wonderful results.  We are grateful when you open our emails, read through them, and faithfully intercede with prayer.  We know you are busy and have many things vying for your attention.  So it humbles us to know that we are in your prayers.

A HUGE praise!

The new sanctuary building at Fire of Glory Church is near completion.  Electricians are doing their thing and the Soft Opening service will be on Sunday, June 30.  We will wait for another few months to have the Grand Opening celebration.  We are thankful to all who generously donated to make this happen and to all who faithfully prayed for this day.

Here are 2 pictures from two and three weeks ago.

Elder Rang is home with the Lord

Elder Rang of House of Immanuel Church in Buriram province passed away a three weeks ago.  We praise the Lord he has a new body and is no longer suffering.  Pastor Somsri (Mentoring Pastor for the Pioneer Pastor Program and Pastor of Fire of Glory Church) conducted Elder Rang's funeral, which was a four day event (funerals in Thailand typically go for several days).  Rang's wife, Elder Mui and her family send their appreciation to all who prayed for her husband and wants everyone to know that four people who attended the funeral received Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  Mui said that Rang was very happy in Heaven knowing that there are now new believers in Jesus Christ.  God is amazing!  Our Lord brings great blessings out of difficult times.  God is good!

Pastor Somsri at Elder Rang's funeral

Another blessing that happened from the passing of Elder Rang is that his son, Wood, has returned to Buriram to take care of his mother and to be a leader at the House of Immanuel Church.  Wood has worked with us for many years as a highly talented construction foreman.  And now he will be serving as a Pioneer Pastor.  Please pray for Wood as he and his family works through their grief while also taking on new responsibilities at the church.

Pastor Wood and his family

Introducing Doung, our newest staff member

Pastor Warin with her husband Doung, our Techie

The picture above is typical with Doung in the background.  Doung is very introverted and his wife Pastor Warin is one of the most extroverted people we know.  And they make a great team.  Doung is on board with our team now as our Tech Specialist.  Doung will be the webmaster for several websites for TMM ministries in Thailand, including the Abundant Life Program and Global Theological Institute.  Doung will also be taking and editing videos for both of those ministries, which requires him to travel frequently.   

Doung is central to propel both of these TMM ministries into the future.
Our goal with the Abundant Life Savings Group program is to have all training sessions and messages on video that can be accessed by a website and by a phone app.   
And our goal with Global Theological Institute is to have all courses for all degree programs become fully digital by 2013, including videos of lectures and training sessions for every course.
We are very excited about this new direction and we and Doung need prayer as we go to uncharted territory in our ministries.

May the Lord Bless You Greatly!

Friday, May 10, 2019

May 2019 Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

We are blessed to have prayer warriors like you, who are the powerhouse of the Thailand Methodist Mission.  Your prayers make the mission fruitful and are "wind at our backs" propelling us and the Thai pastors, leaders, and believers to keep moving forward.  This month, we have many prayer requests and praise reports, and we hope you will take the time to read through them and keep us in your personal prayers, in prayer in small groups at church, as well as during worship times.

1.  Praise Report and Update on Church Construction for the Fire of Glory Church in Nonthaburi;

We are close to completing construction, and believe we can have an Opening Celebration and Building Dedication Service in July.  It will be beautiful when finished and will be an answer to the prayers of all at Fire of Glory Church.  We preached and taught there this past Sunday, and the old building was overflowing with people.  The children had to sit on the floor at the front of the room right at our feet when we preached and in the aisle because there was no where else for them to sit.  
The new facility will give this church room to grow rapidly.

Here are some pictures of the church construction.

2.  Six Pioneer Pastors are now Doctor of Ministry students at Thailand Theological Seminary;

Pastor Banya of Life Center UMC, Pastor Wassana of Prasiri UMC, Pastors Somsri and Warin of Fire of Glory Church, Pastor Peter of God is Good Church, and Pastor Ekerin who serves in Chiang Mai province have begun their D.Min. studies.  We are proud of them and are blessed to see the church develop in much needed depth as well as in breadth.  

3.  Continued prayers for Elder Rang and his family;

Elder Rang, one of the three lay pastors of House of Immanuel Church, is in the final stages of his battle with abdominal cancer.  He is too weak to continue chemo, and he has to have dialysis because the cancer has pushed up against his kidneys causing them to shut down.  When Elder Rang underwent surgery to excise the part of the tumor causing distress to the kidneys, the surgeon pierced his kidney, and he had severe internal bleeding.  He was very close to death one week ago, but has rallied a bit.  His wife, Mui, who is the lead lay pastor at the church, and his son Woot are physically and emotionally exhausted as they care for Rang to keep him as comfortable as possible.  We believe Elder Rang has rallied a bit so his daughter Boo Bay could complete her final exams at university and come to the hospital to be with him.  

Cancer treatment have depleted all of the assets of this family who serves the Lord faithfully and sacrificially.  So we have given a scholarship to Elder Rang's daughter Boo Bay so she can complete her university studies in English to earn a B.A. degree.  Please keep Boo Bay in prayer that she will keep focused on her studies as she endures grief and great loss.  Her dream is to serve the Lord by starting a Christian nursery in her hometown.  We thank you for your generous donations that make it possible to help the daughter of Thai Pioneer Pastors.

Boo Bay in her university uniform

4.  Pastor Nampon has moved to plant a new Pioneer Pastor Church in Buriram province

Pastor Nampon, a veteran Pioneer Pastor who planted the church at Nonsomboon, which is the location of Blessing Home Isan, has moved with her family to Lahan Sai, a town of over 12,000 people that is unreached.  Her husband, Joy (yes, in Thailand that is a man's name) is currently studying the Bible to be a certified as a lay leader at the Rhema Institute.  They are building relationships with neighbors and evangelizing during this year, and at the beginning of next year, we will rent a building to open a new church.  

Pastor Nampon and Joy are foster parents for Maria, a Blessing Home child from Blessing Home Pattaya.  Maria starts 7th grade this week and is a happy girl who loves school and soccer, has many friends, and loves the Lord.  Your faithful support has saved Maria's life and given her a Christian family that is solid and loving. 

Pastor Nampon has a young daughter, Nok, who was born with a medical condition that causes one of her legs to grow much shorter than the other leg.  Nok has to have frequent surgeries so that the leg can be extended so she can walk.  Nok goes in for surgery next week, so please keep this little one and her family in your prayers.

Pastor Nampon, Nok, Sherri, Mike, and Maria (Joy is missing because he was at Bible college on this day).

Finally, a reminder

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