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We serve with the Thailand NOW
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Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Praise, an Update on the Abundand Life Training Center, and an urgent Prayer Request

First, the Praise.  As you know, we have been trying to get visas for our four Thai national missionaries to come to America to visit supporting churches.  Last year, we failed to get a visa for Pastors Wassana and Corn.  We had all of the necessary documents, in fact, we far surpassed all of the requirements.  But the officer at the American embassy in Bangkok would not even read any of the documents showing full sponsorship and itineration details of all the supporting churches they would visit.  The officer rejected both of them without even a cursory examination of any supporting documentation, and it was discouraging.  

So this time, we sent May, who is the Director of the Abundant Life Financial Training Program, to try a different location to get a visa.  Last week, May went to the American Consulate in Chiang Mai, which is in the "Bible belt" of Thailand.  The consulate officers there would be accustomed to giving visas to Thai pastors and Christian leaders serving with Christian organizations in America.  The consulate officer there in Chiang Mai carefully read all of the supporting documents, and May was granted a visa to come to America.  God is good!

Also, a few weeks ago, May and her husband Teddy, had a House Dedication Worship Service.  Many Thai pastors and Christian leaders attended this ceremony.  Their house is at the Abundant Life Training Center, and your donations for Phases 1 and 2 of the construction of this project bought the land (which includes the land the house is built upon) and also 40% of the cost of building their home.  Thank you for your generosity which made this possible.  (Below is a picture of Sherri giving words of blessing to May and Teddy at the House Dedication Worship Service).

Second, the Update on the Abundant Life Training Center.   

Phase Two Construction is wrapping up nicely.  The Director's housing (May and Teddy's home) is complete.  The sanctuary is complete and the construction of the restroom/kitchen building will be completed this next week.  (Below is a picture of the sanctuary, which is temporarily being used to store some of our items until we can distribute them.)

We have been fundraising for Phase Three now, which includes:  1.  Purchasing and Installing a large 3-Phase transformer and poles to carry electricity to every building on campus; 2.  Purchasing and installing eight 3-phase air conditioner units; and 3.  Constructing a Security Wall around the perimeter of the campus including gates in the front entrances and a beautiful sign as well.

Total cost of Phase Three is $47,000 and we have now received $23,150.  We need $23,850 to complete this phase.  We are almost half way there!  If you would like to donate to this project, please be sure to designate your gift to the Building Fund.

Installation of the 3-Phase transformer and installing the electric poles on the campus has been accomplished.  We hope to have the air conditioner units installed in the next few weeks.  Then we will wait for the remaining funds needed, so we can build the perimeter security wall.  This will be a big project, since it is around 11,000 feet of wall that must be built.

Finally, we would like to forward an Urgent Prayer Request from Allie and David Houle that they shared via email.

After sharing with you all last November about our adoption finally being approved, we have been working to get all the documents in order and translated into English to be able to bring Aden back home to America to meet the rest of her family. We have finished all the paperwork on the Thai side and Aden now has a passport, but now we must wait for her visa to be approved to go to America. Aden is a Thai citizen with a Thai passport, and because she was adopted locally in Thailand (not internationally), she was not automatically given an American visa and it will take time for her to get citizenship. That’s why we must go to the US Embassy and request a visa. We’ve already applied for the visa but we must go in-person for an interview scheduled on February 27th. Please pray that we meet the right officer who will see and understand our situation and grant Aden a 10-year visa so that she can travel back and forth to America with us for years to come.

After the interview, Aden should get a visa within a week or so and we will plan to travel back home to America for a visit in mid-March. It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 and a half years since we have been home and I know there will be an adjust period for us and for Aden. We are extremely excited to be back home and plan to take a longer itineration in America, for about 5 months. This will allow for time with family, fundraising, and therapy for Aden.

 Your prayers are greatly appreciated and very powerful.  We are blessed to have so many people lifting this all of the missionaries and team members of Thailand NOW up in your prayers.  God is good!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

God is answering your prayers! Thank you!

 We have wonderful praises to report to you this month.   When you pray, we see great things happen in Thailand.  Truly, we have no idea where to begin, so we will start with the most recent answer to prayer.

First, Allie and David Houle, Field Directors for the Blessing Centers, have been in the process of adopting Aden for four years now, and the adoption is finally approved!  Thank you for praying for them for this whole time and not giving up.  Allie and David and all of us at Thailand NOW are celebrating this long awaited blessing.  God is good!

Please continue to pray for Allie and David, that they can quickly get a Thai passport and an American visa for Aden so they can bring her to they can all visit family, friends, and supporters of the mission back in the United States.  Aden Houle is now officially their daughter, but is not yet an American citizen.  So she will need the Thai passport and American visa for her to come to the States.  Allie and David have not been back home in Georgia for over five years because they have awaited the finalization of the adoption of Aden.  

Second, seven months ago, we asked you to pray for Pastors Jin and Fee (not their real names - for their safety we must protect their identities) who are a clergy couple that planted the first church in a region of 8 counties in Northeast Thailand, none of which had a church. (again, we cannot name the community, to protect them).  Jin and Fee rented a two-story row building in their unreached city and started a church there.  The abbot (chief monk) of the local Buddhist temple was upset that a Christian church was being planted in his city, so he organized an armed mob to invade the church.  The abbot and the mob pushed Jin and Fee up against a wall, holding them by their necks, and forbade them from using their phones to take videos or pictures.  Then they destroyed everything in the church and threatened violence if they did not move away from the city.  The police did nothing and no charges were brought against the abbot or any of the mob.  When they did not move away because they could not break the lease on the building, the abbot organized the mob for a second time, and they ransacked the church for a second time.  

Pastors Jin and Fee left the city and moved to a member's home about 2 miles outside of the city.  The room that they met in could not contain everyone, so efforts were made to buy land outside of the city to build a church campus. We paid for an architect to design blueprints for the sanctuary, housing for the pastors, and some classrooms.  We asked everyone to pray that the government officials in the city would look favorably upon them and approve the blueprints and construction permits for building the new church campus.  Jin and Fee contacted us to report that they finally received approval for the blueprints and that they now have the construction permits that are needed.

Thank you for praying for Jin and Fee for the last seven months and not giving up on them.  Your persistent prayers are paving the way for this church to become permanent in the community so that the 62,000 people living in this formerly unreached region can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and have new life in Him!

Third, for the past two years we have asked you to pray for God's provision for Phase Two of the Abundant Life Training Center.  We needed $140,000 for the construction of a large meeting room, a house for the Director's family, and a Restroom/Kitchen building.

This past month, we received donations that put us over the top and fundraising for Phase Two is complete!  We are grateful for your generosity that made this possible!

The large meeting room in the picture above is complete now.  And the other two buildings (the kitchen & restroom facilities, and the Director’s house, should be complete before the end of the year.  Thank you for praying for the last two years and not giving up.  

Now we will begin Phase Three of fundraising for the Abundant Life Training Center.  Phase Three include the following steps to move the training center campus forward toward functionality: 

1) Bringing in electric service (poles, a transformer, and lines); 

2)  The purchase and installation of 8 inverter air-conditioning units; and 

3)  Building a security wall with 2 gates around the perimeter. (This will also keep local water buffalo from walking through freshly poured wet concrete floors when we begin our Final Phase of building two dormitory/bunk houses... Yes. We had to chuckle when we first saw hoof-prints in the main room’s wet concrete!)             

 The total needed to accomplish these Phase Three tasks is $47,000.  If you, your family, or church group would like to give a special gift toward this project for Christmas, we’d be so grateful!  The Abundant Life Financial Training Center will make it possible to equip pastors, leaders, and Thai churches throughout the nation to grow in essential financial skills, and will provide Biblical training in stewardship—a vital area of discipleship that can bless and strengthen families.

If you would like to give for the construction of the Abundant Life, please designate your gift to the BUILDING FUND.

Donations can be sent by check to:

Thailand NOW, P.O. Box 56, Mannsville, KY 42758

OR give online at:

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Introducing Our New Missionaries


We would like to introduce our new long-term missionaries, Revs. Nhia Wahn and Mao Her.  They are Hmong pastors who lived in Laos during the Vietnam war, when their families had to flee to Thailand, where they lived in refugee camps before migrating to the United States and becoming American citizens.  Nhia Wahn and Mao serve as Methodist pastors in Wisconsin, and they will be visiting churches in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin to raise financial and prayer support.  Please pray that all of the necessary funds are raised quickly so they are able to come to Thailand in July 2024.  

Pastors Nhia Wahn and Mao will be serving as Mentoring Pastors for the Pioneer Pastor Program and will be locating in Bangkok, but serving throughout Thailand.  They will be working closely with Pastor Sila and Wassana who lead the Evangelical Wesleyan Church of Thailand organization.

Nhia Wahn and Mao will also be working together with Pastor Wassana to initiate a new church plant and a new Blessing Home Center in Chaiyaphum province in Pastor Wassana's hometown.

Sherri and I met Pastors Nhia Wahn and Mao 16 years ago when they visited us in Thailand and they have been faithful supporters and prayer warriors of the mission.  We are very excited about their decision to be faithful to God's call on their life to serve Thai people with the love of Jesus.

Please remember Thailand NOW mission during this Christmas season.  Your faithful support has an eternal impact on the lives of Thai people:

  • Your generosity saves and protects children from being trafficked in the brothels and drug trade;
  • Your faithful giving helps to plant churches in unreached counties in Thailand so that people can hear the wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ;
  • Your donations make it possible for Pioneer Pastors to receive scholarships for seminary studies and for Blessing Home kids that excel in school to receive scholarships for university and trade school;
  • You make it possible to train Thai people to manage their money with biblical principles so they can have emergency funds, and pay off their debt and stay out of debt.
You can give in many ways.

1.  Send a check in the mail to: Thailand NOW, P.O. Box 56, Mannsville, KY 42758

3.  For estate giving, please contact our treasurer, Terri Gabehart by email at