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We serve with the Thailand NOW

We serve with the Thailand NOW
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

God has provided all that we needed! Praise the Lord!!!

First, we want to announce a HUGE jubilant word of PRAISE. We have received all of the donations needed for construction of Phase 1 of the Abundant Life Training Center! God is good!!!
Now we have all of the funds needed to build the retainer wall around the property that was purchased for the Training Center and fill it with 6 feet of dirt to bring it above flood level. Thank you, everyone who prayed and donated towards this important project. We and our staff have not been able to keep up with the demand for training leaders and members in the Abundant Life Savings Group program. When the Abundant Life Training Center is complete, it will help us to increase our training capacity ten-fold. We were all set to start construction on the wall this week, but a second wave of COVID has hit Thailand, and most of the nation is under hardcore shutdown. No one can travel between provinces without special permission and documentation from the police. So we and our team will make the most use of the time to continue producing resources for the Abundant Life Savings Group program and the Pioneer Pastor program. Second, we want to give a shout out to all who generously gave to Operation Christmas Child, the ministry of Samaritan's Purse that most churches participate in each year. Every year, our Thai churches have Christmas outreaches and these shoe boxes filled with Christmas gifts that you have prepared are given to the children. The gospel of Jesus is preached at these events and many people come to Christ, both children and adults. This Christmas, our pastors reported that over 600 people gave their lives to Christ! What most people do not know, is that Operation Christmas Child does not end when the gifts are given to the children. There is also a high quality 8 week children's Bible study that the churches use to start a Children's Bible Club. The children learn about Jesus and are discipled and the Thai Christians reach out to the families of the children too. Many of their parents and grandparents come to the Lord too.
Above our pictures of school children at one of the outreaches, and you can see the Bible study books that they received with their gifts. It is very common to see other family members borrowing the Bible study books so they can read it too. We praise the Lord that we get to work cooperatively together with many organizations like Samaritan's Purse and the Gideons. Finally, Sherri and I wish you a Blessed New Year. We are grateful for your prayers and support which make this mission fruitful and possible. Praise the Lord!

Friday, December 04, 2020

We need a miracle

First, an Update on Rachel and Us: Sherri and I have been overwhelmed with the love and compassion that all of you have showered upon us and our daughter Rachel during the past 5 weeks. Rachel entered Jewish Hospital on October 30 for outpatient surgery to have feeding tubes inserted into her body, but many things went wrong. A few days later, we asked for prayer for Rachel and had a special request for prayers to be sent to her via email. We were flooded with prayers, and we printed them out. There were over 90 pages of prayers for Rachel, and she was encouraged by people cared for her. On November 16, I sent an update email on Rachel. At that time, Rachel seemed to have several days where she very slowly was turning the corner. She was getting a little bit of nutrition (which is an improvement from none), and her pain levels dropped from 10 to 7. Still very high but still a bit of an improvement. Shortly after sending out that update, Rachel took a downward turn. She has a systemic Staph infection, she had bad reactions to the liquid nutrition they were pumping into her body and the food pump had to be turned off for several days. And she was getting weaker and thinner. Today makes 5 weeks that Rachel has been in the hospital. She will have many bad days, and then she will seem to rally for a few days, and then she will sink lower than ever before. On November 23, Rachel tested positive for COVID. Now we cannot be with her and help her. She is alone. She cannot stand without assistance, and when she does, she turns blue and purple from lack of oxygen and must lay down again. She is still not receiving all of the nutrition she needs and is still losing weight. Last week she was at 103 pounds and still dropping. We do not know what she weighs now, but she must be below 100 pounds now. And she still is in pain and her eyesight is being affected too. We need a miracle. Please pray for Rachel. Because we were taking care of Rachel in the hospital, we have contracted COVID as well and have been quarantining ourselves ever since we received the news about Rachel testing positive. We have been blessed by many neighbors bringing food and by many people offering help. We are blessed to have moderate symptoms. We are exhausted and it is a bit difficult to breathe but our oxygen levels are high. So, we are taking things at a slower pace and getting rest. Now, updates about the mission: Lansaka Church flooding We have a prayer request from Pastor Sirigorn (who planted the 41st Pioneer Pastor Church in May of this year in Southern Thailand). There is terrible prolonged flooding in Southern Thailand and it is causing suffering which is compounded by the financial devastation that COVID has caused, bringing to a halt the tourism which they depend upon to make a living. Below are some pictures from around Lansaka Church. One is a flooded intersection near the church and the other is a the restaurant/house of one of the new believers that attends the church.
Phase One of the Abundant Life Training Center Every Christmas, God’s people bless the mission with special offerings to help a specific need. We have had several people contact us to get an update on fundraising for Phase One of the Abundant Life Training Center. We still need $12,000 to reach our goal of $80,000. The land has already been purchased. Now we need the remaining funds to fill up the land by 6 feet of dirt to raise it above flood levels and to build a tall retainer wall around the perimeter. We pray that we receive all of the funds needed this Christmas so we can continue construction now that Dry Season is here. We save a lot of money if we fill the land with dirt now in dry season. Fill dirt is three times more expensive in rain season. So timing is essential. If the Lord leads you to give to this project, please be sure to designate your gift to the Building Fund. You can give online at Or send a check by mail to: Thailand NOW, P.O. Box 56, Mannsville, KY 42758

Monday, November 16, 2020

Update on Rachel and Good News from Thailand

It was 2 weeks ago that we had asked for prayer for our daughter Rachel, who went in for out-patient surgery to get feeding tubes in her stomach and colon, but things went wrong. Rachel was in acute unbearable pain, had internal bleeding, her body was rejecting the liquid food formula, and she was getting so weak she could not walk anymore because she has not had proper nutrition for over three months. We asked you to pray and if you had time to send prayers via email to give her hope. WOW!!! God's people are GOOD people. Thank you for being God's people! Within just two hours of sending that blog update, we received over 150 prayers. Sherri printed them all out, and it was 19 pages of prayer. Rachel was moved and received hope from those prayers and she will send a thank you note when she gets better and out of the hospital. But for now, we want to convey her gratitude for your compassion. After that first burst of prayer emails, we received another 200 prayers. All of these prayers are making a difference. Rachel has been in the hospital for 17 days now and things got worse before they started getting better. But now there is hope. The nutritionist found a liquid food formula that Rachel's body will receive and not reject. The anti-biotics are working and Rachel is no longer coughing up blood and the places where tubes are inserted into her body are still very tender, but at least it is healing. Rachel is receiving some nutrition now. She still cannot bear the pain of having the full amount of liquid food pumped into her body, but she is half way there. If she keeps going in the right direction, she may be able to go home in three or four days. So please keep the prayers flowing. The last few weeks have been busy in Thailand. School is on break for 4 weeks, and it is the time that many of the Thai churches schedule revivals and baptism services. Scores of pastors contacted us to see if we could make it back into Thailand to baptize new believers, and since we could not, they took pictures and videos. For the past three weeks we have received videos of baptisms and testimonies of new believers from churches throughout Thailand. We wanted to share one of them with you. We added captions so you can understand what this new believer named Lake is saying.
Finally, please pray for two of our team members, Teddy and May. They are our administrative assistants and we rely heavily upon them for the Abundant Life Savings Group Program. They are now packing up two households of furniture, equipment, and belongings to move half way across the nation to Buriram, where the new training center will be built. Because there is so much stuff to move, it will be done in stages over several months. They will be looking for places to rent for all of us and they must do this without our help. Now is the time because as soon as all of the funds are donated, we will begin Phase One of the Abundant Life Training Center. We have the land purchased already. Now we must fill the land with 6 feet of dirt and then build a tall sturdy retainer wall around the whole property.
We are $12,000 away from completing $80,000 needed for Phase One fundraising. Our request is for churches, Sunday School classes, UMW and UMM groups, and individuals to pray about taking up special offerings during this Christmas season for this project. If you send offerings for this project, please designate it for the "Building Fund". You can give by check or online. Mail checks payable to Thailand NOW to: Thailand NOW P.O. Box 56 Mannsville, KY 42758 OR give Online at