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We serve with the Thailand NOW

We serve with the Thailand NOW
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Saturday, August 07, 2021

God is doing great things through our Thai brothers and sisters!

First, I (Mike) want to thank all of you for your powerful prayers for me while I was in the hospital.  I had a prostatitis for a few years (and didn't know that I had it) and it turned into a sepsis infection that damaged my heart and organs and I also developed pneumonia.  Praise God, the damage to my heart and organs has reversed and my lungs are clear.  God is good!  I was healed by God through your prayers.  Thank you!

Now that I am healthy again, I will be re-scheduling to visit churches from September through December.  If you would like for us to come to your church, contact us via email at

Chonburi Province

Second, I would like to announce that our mission is working together with Pastor Pranee to plant a new Pioneer Pastor church in Thungkwang county in Chonburi province.  This county has no Christian church and over 5,000 people live there.  Last year, Pastor Pranee planted a Pioneer Pastor Church in Huathanon county, 12 miles away from this location.  She will serve on this circuit of two churches, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in an unreached places.  Because of your faithful giving, we were able to give funds to help Pastor Pranee to build a simple house in Thungkwang, that will serve as her residence and also as a home church.  Please keep Pastor Pranee in prayer.

78 year old Payom receiving baptism from Pastor Somchai. 
Thai new believers are of all ages!

Both of these Pioneer Pastor Churches are daughter churches of Promise Church, which is led by Pastor Somchai.  Pastor Somchai sent us a video of baptisms of new believers at his church.  

Please take time to watch the video and enjoy.  It will warm your heart and is worth taking time to be blessed by it.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your faithful support that has allowed us to send food relief to the Thai pastors serving in urban areas.  The lockdowns in the urban areas of Thailand have devastated the economy.  This lockdown will continue for many months because the Delta Variant of COVID has spread to all of the provinces in Thailand.  At this time, only 14% of Thais are vaccinated.  Please pray that the vaccination efforts will increase.  Your prayers make a difference!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Healing through your prayers & Feeding hungry people in crisis

First, I want to thank everyone who prayed for us during the past few weeks while I (Mike) was in the hospital.  If you had not heard, I had to get rushed in to the hospital because of an infection that became sepsis.  The first 48 hours in the hospital were critical, because the sepsis affected my heart and breathing.  And then God's people prayed, and I have been getting better every day.  I have been at home for a week now, and I still have several appointments with a cardiologist and with the internal medicine specialist.  Sherri and I have been showered with encouraging notes and calls, meals brought to us by awesome neighbors, and powerful prayers of healing.  We are very blessed!

Next, I want to thank you for your faithful donations to the mission throughout the COVID crisis.  Thailand has avoided the spread of COVID for many months through hard lockdowns which have destroyed the economy.  During the first lockdown in the summer of 2020, Thailand NOW mission was able to provide food relief to our Thai brothers and sisters in the urban churches where people could not work because of the lockdown.  With your help, nutritious meals were provided to sustain over 500 families.

Even though last year's lockdown was effective for a while, COVID eventually started spreading in Thailand in March 2021, and a second hard lockdown commenced.  This second lockdown is worse than the first, because many in the urban areas had to move in with relatives in the rural areas, where people were already doing subsistence living only.  Now both rural and urban communities are in crisis.  

Because of your faithful giving, Thailand NOW has had the resources to provide special food relief to both rural and urban churches where people are in crisis.  The food relief packages include protein in the form of 3 dozen eggs and/or 6 cans of fish, cooking oil, rice, ramen noodles, and fish sauce (an essential for cooking Thai food).  We have focused the food relief towards families of Blessing Home children, abandoned seniors (ones who receive little or no support from family members), and seniors who take care of children but do not have income.

The top picture is Pastor Santi, a Pioneer Pastor in Sukhothai province, providing food relief to a grandmother who cares for her two grandchildren but did not have money for food.

The bottom picture is of Pastor Det, a Pioneer Pastor in Sakaeo province and Co-Director of Blessing Home TaPhraya.  Pastor Det is bringing food relief to abandoned seniors in his county.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Praise God! A Fourth Blessing Home Center is opening this month!

It is with great joy and praise to our Lord who makes all things possible that we announce the opening of the fourth Blessing Home Center, which is located in Nonthaburi Province, west of Bangkok. Blessing Home Nonthaburi is located at Sai Noi at a Pioneer Pastor Church that was planted four years ago by Pastors Somsri and Warin of Fire of Glory Church (in the picture above). Pastors Somsri and Warin have been serving the families and children in this poverty-stricken neighborhood for many years through food relief programs and children's Bible clubs and Bible studies for adults. Children in this neighborhood are at great risk of being trafficked in the child sex and drug trades because of the soul-crushing poverty and it's close proximity to the brothels of Bangkok. Pastor Somsri has taken several teens into her home to save them from being trafficked, even though she and her husband Samai could barely afford to live themselves. Thailand NOW missionaries David and Allie Houle, who serve as Field Directors for the Blessing Home Centers in Thailand, will be spearheading this effort. We want to thank all of you for your prayers and financial support which make this new Blessing Home Center possible. You are saving the lives of innocent children and giving them hope in the Lord Jesus. God is good!