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We serve with the Thailand NOW

We serve with the Thailand NOW
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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord Provides!

Every year, around the first week of December, a very generous businessman donates thousands of blankets to Pastor Somsri and other Thai Christian leaders, and then these blankets are distributed by them to churches all across Thailand to be used in Christmas evangelism events.  

In Thailand, Christmas is not as much a family celebration as it is a time when the churches reach out to their community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Thai Christians save up their money during the year, so they can generously provide gifts for their neighbors who do not yet know Christ.  So, the generous donation of blankets helps new churches (that could usually not afford to buy gifts) to be able to show the love of Jesus at Christmastime.  

But this year was different.  The first week of December came and there were no blankets.  The factory in China that makes the blankets had been closed because of Zero Covid restrictions.  Pastor Somsri and the members of Fire of Glory Church began to pray for God to provide. 

Last week, Pastor Somsri traveled to the office of the generous businessman who donates the blankets each year hoping to hear good news.  The very minute that Pastor Somsri arrived at the office, the office manager received a call from the Port of Bangkok, the container of blankets had just arrived and would be ready to pick up the following day.  When God's people pray, mountains move!

As soon as Pastor Somsri received the blankets, her team started to pack them into boxes and ship them to churches in every region of Thailand (see the picture above).  Jehovah Jireh - God Provides!

The Christian Movement in Thailand is Accelerating

Here is a graphic of how churches are being planted throughout history in Thailand.  As you can see, the Christian movement is accelerating!

It is the vision of the Pioneer Pastor movement that every county have at least one thriving Thai church.  With your prayers and support, you have helped us to work with Thai pastors and leaders to plant 47 new churches in previously unreached counties in Thailand (plus many more in counties that already had one church).  The need is still great because 75% of counties (sub-districts) in Thailand are still unreached, having no Christian churches.  

I wish we had an up-to-date version of the above graphic.  The graphic ends in 2016 with 5,097 churches.  Since then, another 3,220 churches have been planted in the past 6 years.  And the churches that do exist are larger and stronger.  

Every month, new Thai Christian believers are being baptized.  It is a great joy and privilege to be able to work in the fields of harvest with Thai pastors and Christian leaders.  Sherri and I are grateful for your faithful prayers and support which make this mission possible.

Carol and Vicki are retiring

Carol Fare and Vicki Brown have served faithfully with Thailand NOW (formerly Thailand Methodist Mission) for many years.  They began serving at Blessing Home Pattaya in 2013, and then were the first Directors at the Blessing Home Isan Center.  A few years later, they initiated a new ministry for special needs children called Special Blessings Korat.   We are grateful for their service and wish them happiness and good health as they remain in Thailand after their retirement on December 31.

Merry Christmas!

We and all of the Thailand NOW Team wish you and your family and Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.  May the Lord bless you as you have been a great blessing to us and the Thai people.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Please help us get the word out about Thailand NOW.

Please download our 2022 Newsletter and print out a few copies.  Keep one copy for yourself to read and then please post the other copies at your church, in your Sunday School class, or any other place where church members will be able to see and read it.

Please click on the picture of the 2022 Newsletter above to download it.

Abundant Life Training Center Update

As you can see, all of the groundwork is complete and now we are beginning with the walls.  Construction of the Sanctuary/Training Room is going fast.  After this building, construction will begin for a house for Teddy and May who serve as Directors of the Abundant Life Training Center and pastors of this new church in Lamplaimat, Buriram in Northeast Thailand.

We still need more funds for the rest of Phase Two of this project, which is building a Kitchen/Restroom building and a small office building.  We have received a bit over $108,000 of the $140,000 needed for this phase and we hope that you and your church (and church groups, like Sunday School classes) will make special donations towards this project this Christmas.

When you give to this project, please designate your gifts to the BUILDING FUND.

Donations can be given online at

or send a check by mail to:

Thailand NOW
P.O. Box 56
Mannsville, KY 42758

Thank you!!

Saturday, October 08, 2022

A time of grief in Thailand

As you all have seen in the news, there was a terrible mass killing in Northeast Thailand this week.  A man who was dismissed from the police force last year entered the nursery where his son attends and he attacked the teachers and children ages 2-5 years old.  Only 23 of the usual 90 children were there because flooding from rain and a mechanical breakdown of the school bus prevented most from being at school that day.  Of the 23 children present, only 1 survived. 

The killer then drove to his house, taking the lives of his son and wife before committing suicide.  A total of 23 children and 13 adults were killed as well as many other were injured.  It has been a time of deep national grief.  Mass killings are a rare occurrence in Thailand.

We know many of you have been praying and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.  

Director of the Abundant Life Financial Training Program, Ratchada "May" Kuntisa, graduates.

May began serving on staff with us many years ago as a Thai language tutor for new missionaries, and then was promoted to serve with us as a translator and then as Director of the Abundant Life Financial Training Program.  May has overcome great difficulties that would have crushed most people.  One of the first ones to take notice of the great potential in May was a short-term missionary who served with us at Blessing Home Pattaya named Katie Bredesen.  Katie chose May (and a few others) to receive a college scholarship for one year.  (Thank you, Katie!)

Since then, May has continued her education and has now completed her B.A. degree in Information Science.  What is incredible is that she accomplished this while raising her own three children as well as being the guardian of her nephew and taking in her sister-in-law and her son.  In May's household eight people live in a small townhouse, and the only time she has to study is in the middle of the night.  All this while working full-time too.  It is very rare in Thailand for a mother to graduate from college with a B.A. degree, but to have a mother with 4 children in her household to accomplish this is incredible.  

Construction of the Church building at the Abundant Life Training Center begins.

Above is the picture of Sherri, May, Khun Ai (the general contractor), and Teddy (May's husband and full-time Thailand NOW team member) signing the contract to begin construction on the church building for the Abundant Life Financial Training Program.  May and Teddy will sign a separate contract to build their home on a corner of the training center land.

The day after signing the contract, construction began.  Below are some pictures of piledriving reinforced concrete columns into the ground.  These columns will prevent keep the foundation from sinking, shifting, and cracking.

We have now received over $106,000 of the $140,000 needed for this phase of construction.  We have enough funds to build a house for May and Teddy (the Directors of the Abundant Life Training Center) as well as the Church Building.  We still need $34,000 more so we can build a kitchen/restroom building and a small office.  Our request is that every church and each individual supporter will consider special Christmas offerings and donations to this project.  Our hope is that we will have all of the needed funds raised in 2022.

When you give to this project, please designate your gifts to the BUILDING FUND.

Donations can be given online at

or send a check by mail to:

Thailand NOW
P.O. Box 56
Mannsville, KY 42758

Donations of Stocks and Estate Donations 

Giving stock is a great way to make an eternal difference in the lives of Thai people. Stock shares can be transferred directly to Thailand Now and can have more tax benefits for the giver and the recipient.  Please contact our treasurer via email at if you are interested in giving this way.

Estate Donations  - By including Thailand Now as an additional beneficiary in your estate plan, you can have a huge impact on the mission of reaching Thai people for Jesus Christ. Thailand NOW's tax ID number is 27-2388347.  Your financial advisor or tax attorney can best assist you in making these arrangements.