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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A New School Year Begins for our Blessing Home Kids

(Left: Maria tries out her new school uniform)

Now that the Omicron Covid Spike is over in Thailand, most Thai children are going back to in-person instruction in school for the first time in two years.  It has been a great challenge to keep the Blessing Home teens motivated to do their online studies.  They do much better with in-person instruction, so we are thrilled that the schools are opening up. 

On the left is Maria (formerly called Naet) who is in Christian foster care through the Blessing Home program.  Through your generosity, she is able to go to a private school and to receive the love of her foster parents, Dr. Somsri and Mr. Samai.   This is possible because of you and we are grateful.  Thank you.

Every time we see our Blessing Home kids in their school uniforms, we just burst with praise for God that He has changed the trajectory of the lives of these children, giving them hope in Christ and a wonderful future of good opportunities.  God is Great!  God is Wonderful!  Amen!

Another wonderful thing about the new school year of in-person instruction is that our Pioneer Pastors can once again share the Good News of Jesus Christ with school children through special events at the schools.

Although Thailand is a Buddhist majority country, many public schools allow our pastors to teach about Jesus at special events.  Pastors Dr. Wassana and her husband, Rev. Sila, of the Prasiri Wesleyan Church in Bangkok went to an Elementary School where Wassana attended as a child in Chaiyaphum Province.  

Wassana grew up in a county that had no Christian church and it is still unreached to this day.  This does not surprise us, because 75% of the counties in Thailand are unreached and have never had a Christian church.  

Dr. Wassana has a heart for reaching the people in the county where she grew up as a child, so she has formed an Evangelism Team to go to two unreached locations to begin the work of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people.  This past week, they were able to tell stories of Jesus to the school children at the Elementary school and they also gave out Christmas Child boxes (yes, this is a little bit late, but the boxes arrived in Thailand long after Christmas had passed).

Above is a picture of Dr. Wassana and the school children who received Christmas Child boxes.

One final word of PRAISE!

Since last month, we have received generous donations towards the Building Fund for Phase 2 of the Abundant Life Training Center.  We have now received $102,000, which is enough to construct a church building (which will also be used for training and seminars for the Abundant Life Financial Training Program) and to build a house for May and Teddy, who serve as staff with us.  We will begin construction on the church in the next few months.  We are waiting for a few months to let the rain pack down the dirt that was used to fill up the land above flood levels.  This is necessary so that the foundation will not settle and crack.  

Now we are only $38,000 from our goal, which will help to construct an Kitchen and Restrooms Building as well as a small Office building.

If you would like to donate to this construction project, be sure to designate your gift to the Building Fund.

All donations can be done by check or online.

Checks may be sent by mail to:

Thailand NOW
P.O. Box 56
Mannsville, KY 42758

Online donations can be given through our website at:


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

One Outstanding Day of Amazing Blessings

Last week, we traveled to Phetchabun province for the graduation ceremony of the Thailand Theological Seminary (TTS).  TTS is one of the four seminaries (Global Theological Institute, Phayao Bible Seminary, and Bangkok Bible Seminary are the other three) that we send Pioneer Pastors for ministerial studies.  Over the past 16 years, we have had the great privilege of sponsoring the theological education of 123 full-time pastors and Christian workers.  And we have attended and participated in many graduation ceremonies.  But this one was truly amazing.

First, it was amazing because five Pioneer Pastors earned their Doctor of Ministry degrees, which is the first time any of the pastors who serve alongside us have reached this level of education.  We have seen a trend across many seminaries in Thailand.  For a long time, Thai seminaries have relied on professors from the United States and South Korea to come to teach one or two week block classes because there were not enough qualified Thai professors to teach all of the classes needed.  But now that more and more Thai pastors are earning their doctorate degrees, these seminaries are able to employ Thai professors.  

Second, there was a total of 11 Pioneer Pastors who graduated on this day, 5 Doctor of Ministry degrees, 4 earned Master of Divinity degrees, and 2 earned Bachelor of Ministry degrees.

Here are some of the Pioneer Pastors who graduated on this wonderful day:

(ABOVE: From left to right) Dr. Warin (D.Min.) of Fire of Glory Church, Rev. Santi (B.Min.) of Sukhothai Church, Dr. Somsri (D. Min.) of Fire of Glory Church, Rev. Moss of Fire of Glory Church.

(ABOVE: From left to right) Rev. Nuch of God is Good Church, Dr. Sherri Morrissey, Dr. Narayuth (Peter) of God is Good Church, Rev. Mike Morrissey, Rev. Awee of Buengkan Church.

(ABOVE: From left to right) Rev. Mike Morrissey, Rev. Sila (M.Div.) of Prasiri Wesleyan Church, Dr. Wassana (D. Min.) of Prasiri Wesleyan Church, and Dr. Sherri Morrissey.

Third, what made this day to be truly outstanding was the large scale of the graduation ceremony.  Over 280 people graduated on this day, making it by far the largest graduation ceremony of any Thai seminary that we have experienced.  With these many graduates, we can feel the momentum of rapid growth of Christianity in Thailand.  We extend our applause and admiration to Dr. Wallapa who is president of the Thailand Theological Seminary for her fruitful ministry and tireless labor for the Kingdom of God.  She is an anointed servant of the Lord!

Finally, Sherri and I would like to wish all of you a Blessed Easter!  Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Good news at a time when most of the news is bad.

A Blessing Home Child Graduates from University

We are pleased to announce that BooBay has graduated with her B.A. degree in Business English and Hospitality.  BooBay's father was a Pioneer Pastor who passed away four years ago.  While he was in his last week of life in the hospital, we promised to support his daughter BooBay through university, so that he could have peace of mind about his family as he was nearing the end.  

BooBay worked hard at her studies, and stayed at our house one night per week during the school year to practice her English and receive tutoring.  She just graduated this month and she works at the front desk of a four star hotel in Sriracha (yes, the same city where the famous Sriracha sauce came from).  We want to thank all of our generous donors who make it possible to send some of our Blessing Home children to attend university and trade school.  BooBay and others like her have a great future ahead.  God is good!

What happens to a Christmas Child box after I donate it?

We are very happy to know that most of the churches that support our mission also participate in the Christmas Child, which is a world-wide ministry of Samaritan Purse.  The Christmas Child boxes that you thoughtfully and compassionately make and donate, are sent to nations all over the world, including Thailand.  

For the last six years in Thailand, Christmas Child boxes have arrived well after Christmas is over.  But that is not a problem at all.  We just store the boxes until we do Christmas evangelism outreach events later in the year.

This week, the Christmas Child boxes arrived in Bangkok, and Pioneer Pastors from all over Thailand went to pick up the boxes.  Pastor Somsri of Fire of Glory Church sent pictures to us of picking up the boxes, and we wanted to share them with you.  As you can see from the second picture, Pastor Somsri loaded her vehicle to the brim with the boxes and resources.

What many people in the United States do not realize is the gift boxes are just a one part of a wonderful program.  Along with the gift boxes, Samaritan Purse also gives us free books for children called "The Greatest Journey".  They are brilliantly designed books that share the Good News of Jesus Christ through an 12-week Children's Bible Club.  So when we have Christmas outreach, we share the gospel with the whole family at the event.  Many people receive Jesus as their Savior at these events.  And then we begin the 12-week Children's Bible Club where we begin to help the children to grow in Christ.  

We make use of this wonderful ministry in the Pioneer Pastor program as we plant church in unreached counties in Thailand.  We begin with these Christmas events and then move on to start Children's Bible Clubs.  Through these clubs, we then go on to reach the whole family for Jesus.  So your gift of a Christmas Child Box has much more impact then you may have known.

The Abundant Life Training Center - Phase Two

Every month, we get closer to the goal of raising $140,000 for building a Sanctuary (which will be used as a training center and also as a Pioneer Pastor church, since this center is in an unreached county), and a house for the Directors of the Abundant Life Training Center, a kitchen / restroom building, and a small office.

We now have enough funds to build the house for May and Teddy, who will lead the ministries at this new location.  And we hope to have enough funds by Easter to also begin building the Sanctuary.

Thank you for your support and all of the rapid progress that is happening.  God is good!

If you would like your donation to be designated for the construction of the Abundant Life Training Center, please be sure to designate it for the Building Fund.

You can donate online at

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Thailand NOW, 
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